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January the 27 th 1860

Dear Brother,

Your favor baring date Dec 18 th/59 came to hand in due time, and we were glad to here of your intended Biography of our beloved Brother I will do what I can to furnish matter from which to write – Such a book will give all his relations an frinds who are scattered all over this continant great satisfaction to know that he so nobley spent his life – and that he died not in vain – and that he lived the life he did from choice, actuated to do so by purely philanthropic motives or feelings naturaly implanted in him –

For your assistance I sent fourthwith for the latest history of Kansas that is out – I will send you the book, and the incidents in which Jeremiah took an actif part I will mark for you to quote and then I will tell you what part Jery acted -- He came to Kansas sometime in June or July of 1857 in company with James Mitchel. for some time after he arrived here he and his comreds occupied themselves in selecting and buying claims not dreaming of the dangers seen by day & night which was soon to overtake them.

Finally every thing seemed to show a threatening aspect people runing to & frow baring all kinds of news – spies were seen almost every day – leaving the whereabouts of the most obnoxious free state men and breething out threats against them – May were so much alarmed they slept in the under brush for weeks at a time – about this time claims were high and the country fast filling up

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some talked loud and long about their valior and what they woud do with the Missourians if the undertake to drive them from the land as they threatened – But the time was fast approacing which was to prove them in the fire –

Finelly they began to collect their forces But it leeked out some way and the Freestatemen began to collect their forces in order to thwart their desines which was to mob a [XXXX] stone Freestate man out of the territory as they had done in 56

The word came to Jery late at night he had had the auge and was waiting for the fevor to leave him – in order to take medisin to cure the ague – he was was quite weak from sickness & would not have thought of turning out on any ordernary occasion – But when he called upon his partner (for they were keeping Batch) come get up and shoulder your gunn you have a chance to show your bravery of which you talk so much -- But as he did not feel quite as courrageos as he did he throwed himself to & frow on his bed & said he “believed he would not take up armes till the fight became general”

Jerey had no gun at that time But when he saw the great need of assistance he resolved to go himself – He tooked the man’s gunn who was tumbling in agony on the bed and left him to fight with his fist or use his lower limbs for bale A horse was furnish him and he rode two nights and a day calling true freeman into the “field of battle” He was bearley able to set on his horse part of the time But persevered till they equipt a small band & redy to defend their friend against any force the Proes might collect they were confident – But the Proes spies no less vigelant than they, saw that if they did not desist from their undertaking they must come in contact with something not very congeniel to their feelings so they ran away that they might live to fight an other day – such was Jerys first initiation to the war of Kansas.

About this time Jery & Mitcell took up their Board at Mr Denton’s

A great many Free state men who were forced to leave the Territory in /56 came back & wanted their claims &

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Other property that had been left behind & taken possession of by the Proes which caused great contention throughout this part of Kansas –

Finelly the Free state party formed what they called a “squaters court” and began to arraign men & bring them to justice under it – for they had tried long to get justice under the old Bogus laws but all their eforts were in vain – At length a proslavery man instead of complying with the requirements of this court and as he had faithfully promised tried to make his escape – he was seen making his way towards Ft. Scot – Their sheriff summonsed James Denton and Jery to assist in bringing him back – They went in hot pursute towards The Ft. after the scape gallows not aware of the danger they were approacing – when they came within a short distance of the Ft they met an armed Company which to their surprise took them prisenors and marched them into the Ft. and kept them there ten days without serving a writ or telling them what it was for or what they intended to do with them – But when they were first taken one of the ruffiens who was half drunk as they commonly were cocked his double Barreled shotgun at Jery and swearing at the same time he ment to kill a D----Abolitionist but was prevented from shooting by some of his own party The next day some scouts were sent out of the Free state camp, to ascertain if possible what had become of their sheriff Jery & denton when they had gone as far as Barnes, they met with the Ft Scotites – Thomlinson gives the following account of what folowed that day & state of afairs in general at that time – quotation Begins with the words “In the month of December 1857 page 176 and ending at the word “wounded” on page 181 – The boys were treated very well this time Because they were afraid to treat them otherwise – The Free state boys gave them a whirping and besides

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Jim Lane was soon on his way to Bourbon Co and sent the Proes word if they did not give the Boys a fare trial or let them to Bail there would not be Proslavery Blood enough in Bourbon County to pay the Debt – At the end of ten days a writ was served on Jery for rebellion against the laws

He saw that the Town were badly frightened from some cause and finelly neglected guarding the prisenors finelly, they all left one night But Jerry and the next morning he walked off in day ligt and no one forbid him

They had spoke their minds freely on all subject and always defended themselves when imposed upon as though they were as free as any men in town –

Il give one incident out of many A M. E. Sheerwood wished to go into the land office to attend to some matters about his claim he was a Freestateman but rather timed – an other man proslavery wanted his claim and wished to scare him out of the country – when Shearwood went to enter the land office he became so intimdated by the threats and motion of the Pro slavery man he shrunke back two or three times, and finelly started home. Jery & Denton saw whole performance They wer underguard standing in the tavern door – Jery called Shearwood to him aked him a few questions about the dificulty told him to go back and go in and if that man interrupted him he would attend to him – supposing Jery to be a man of some authority in town walked back with a good deal of assurance and about the time the ruffian was going to bounce shearwood – Jery holowed at him to let him know that some one body was watching him - he let sheerwood pass and to see how much authority Jery had Jery charged with with what he had seen he denied it – and finding Jery a prisenor he came at him made threatening jestures – But Denton new Jery was very weak from the affects of the ague steped between them told the Proslavery man he was a liar and if he wanted to fight just pitch in – Finelly he left the boys who would have the last word and the last shot as proven by subsequent events – The ruffiens tried various ways to humble the boys but finding their efforts failed they said they did not have sens enough to be prisenors they did not know what danger they were in – or they certainly would not act so --


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