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Letter J. G. Anderson to "Dear brother", J. Q. Anderson

Lawrence Kansas Jan 14, 59

Dear brother,

I take the present opportunity to write a few lines to let you

know that I am still among the living.

I had a short spell of the fever but since then I have been well. As soon as I was well I had a call to go into the service and went to Fort Scott to help release Bengamin [Rice], we were fired on by one John Little Ex. Deputy Marshall who had me in keeping last winter; our men fired back and he recieved a ball in the fore-head which done him up just right.

I was also engaged in liberating ten slaves in [Mo.], under Cap. Brown There was a negro came over into our neighbor-hood hunting for assistence to remove himself, wife & two children from [Mo.], to a land of freedom; They were to be sold in a few days. We assisted five more at an other plantation.

There was an other company in an other neighborhood; they liberated one slave, but met with some resistance in which the master was killed. There has been nothing done since, I forgot a man by the name of Jackson was burned out, but I had no connection with it, neither Brown nor Montgomery; it was a company from Osawatamie,

There was eleven blacks taken in all but there has been an addition since which makes twelve, I am now three miles from Lawrence with Old Brown as they call him. We are looking out a railroad route establishing depots & finding watering places. Our road is a long one, terminating in Canada I [expect] to travel on this road myself this winter sometime and shall try to make it convenient to call on you.

Brown has drawn a paralel [sic] which will be publised in the Tribune. I will try and send you the last number of the Lawrence Republican in which you will get a correct view of affairs in [southern] Kansas. Montgomery came out of Lawrence to stay with us to night and has just told of a plan laid to assassinate him & Brown. There is more lies told about these two men than you can imagine.

You must not [expect] me to write much as my time will be taken up with my railroad duties. I suppose Harrison will write often. Direct all your letters to Osage City Burbon Co

J.G. Anderson



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