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Letter, John Q. Anderson to "Capt. [John] Brown

Eddyville Iowa [Nov 23 rd 59]

Dear Capt Brown

Sir - please to answer a few questions

from your unknown friend & oblige a mourning family of friends, friends to you particular and more especially friends & relatives to one of your lamented comrades who fell in the [xxx] at Harpers. Ferry so say the newspaper reports

Now these reports are so conflicting I know not the truth & ask you in all kindness if it be in your power to answer by by return mail the following interrogatory,

1 st Was Jeremiah G. Anderson with you at Harpers Ferry? And if so, did He fall by your side when the assault was made on the Armory? Was he killed instantly by one shot or more?, And further – please to tell us if he acted in all that f affair as he ever dad done had done through his youthful life, with that honerable, dignified cander, that is characteristic of the noble hearted as he was,

I would like to say a great many things to you on this subject if I thought you could here me or answer me,

But I forbear to trouble you further than to assure you that you have the [ xxx} fervent effectual prayers of all Gods holy People throughout the entire Country

“As you have bore (and respected) the image of the [earthy], you Shall also bear the image of the heavenly”

[xxx] Remember, this note is from a Brother of the Gifted, accomplished high minded noble hearted & much lamented Jeremiah Goldsmith Anderson who was for two years a target in Kansas for the Border Ruffeins and all, for what?

Why because he purchased a claim & wished to settle on it & liv live by the sweat of his own brow, And now has died trying to enforce the Golden rule.

[O] what disinterested philanthropy!

Yours in Bonds of affection

Capt John Brown } John G Anderson

PS Address me at Eddyville Iowa


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