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Letter, Kagi to "My Dear Sister, father and others"

Moneka, Kansas Friday, Aug. 13, 1858

My Dear Sister, father and others:

I wrote you immediately on my return to Kansas some six weeks since and have for some time been looking anxiously for an answer for at least - two weeks, but it seems I am destined to continued disappointment. I wrote but little in my other letter, and will be able to write but little in this.

Since I wrote you from Lawrence, I have been very busily engaged in fortifying along the state line to prevent farther inroads from Missouri, leaving Lawrence immediately after writing, and consequently stopping but one night. I may now, however have a week of rest, which I shall improve by going to Lawrence, and perhaps to Topeka. I am now 75 miles from Lawrence and 100 from Topeka. It will take a week to go up and back

CW. Moffet - and two of the other boys (whom you have not seen) are in Ashtabula Co., Ohio. Some have gone to Harpers Ferry. We are all ready and in good spirits. Things are working rightly here, and [are] elsewhere for our final work. Those who once thought us the most foolish, now think most [XXX] of the whole plan.

On my arrival at Cleveland, O., I received


a letter which had been lieing at Lindenville some time, from Cousin A.J. I think you spoke something about his coming out to Nebraska this summer. I should have written him but thought he might possibly have started so that he would be unable to receive anything from me.

How come on Father's claim; how allen's what have they named their value.

How much of a garden have you - how much corn etc. Same of Allens.

Write immediately directing to me in care "Witney House", Lawrence, Kansas. giving me all the news here there and everywhere.

I'll write soon again until when goodbye to all




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