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Letters, J.H. Lane to "Friends"[Charles Robinson and others], and C. Robinson to "Dear Sir" [J.H. Lane]

Copied from my journal 1856 - R.J.H.

Letter from Lane to the Prisoners

August 11th, 1856

Dr Friends

I am here at last - with a sufficient force and ready to receive you.

It were best if you can escape to do so & let me meet you with my defending force just outside of your prison house.

It is necessary to remind you that time is all important. My whereabouts cannot long be concealed from the bloodhounds who are seeking my blood.

Act promptly - If you cannot escape I can and will attack your guards, altho it were best policy blood is to flow that is be shed in your defense rather than in your reserve. Decide and that quickly - time is everything.
Yours truly J.H. Lane

To his Excellency Gov. C. Robinson Gov Kansas
Judge S.W. Deitzler
G. W. Brown
Hon John Brown

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Gaius Jenkins
Elisha William


Camp Sacket
August 11th, 1856

Dear Sir:

We have information from Washington that either a nolle prosequi will be ordered or a bill will pass Congress removing our trials to Pennsylvania or some other state.

While such is the case it is thought best to wait till Congress adjourns. I have no doubt that something will be done to anticipate any such assistance would be prejudicial to our cause.

It would afford us great pleasure to see you and perhaps we may - we have an excellent officer here now.

Guerilla operations are rife now they should be attended to. The Missourians are evidently intending an attack but we sweeten them now. The officers here are willing that our people should put an end to these invaders without troubling them. Roberts is on his way to the State and I understand will be ready to call the Legislature together. When he comes it may be desirable to make a new move. Tell them all think best to keep quiet here.

In haste very truly

C. Robinson


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