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Letter, William Leeman to "Dear Mother"

Archer Kitcherson County
Nebraska T

Nov. 9th 18 56

Dear Mother

Not having heard from you since I left Oakdale I take this opportunity to write you a few lines to let you know that I am alive and well and I hope these few lines will find you all the same. I have written a you 3 times since I left. I don't know as you have received any of them. I suppose you have been worried about me but I have been all right. I am strong and in good health. I have been in Kansas Teritory until with (?) few days and have not had a chance to wright to you. I should have tried in Kansas this winter but after we had got the Border ruffians driven out the governer with his trupes were after us we were obliged to leave the teritory and I shall stay here this winter and work at my traid. I have done all I could for Kansas I suppose if Freemont is elected president there will be more trouble in the spring and I want to be here in the row will you come out here as soon as the trouble is over. I have got a farm of one hundred & sixty acres of land a horse and a sharpe rifle and a revolver with me as soon as you recieve this direct your letter to Archer Kithcerson County Nebraska Teritory have you written to me and have you recieved any letters from me since I left give my love to Father and the girls. Tell Martha if she will come out here early in the spring and help me build a log house I will give her an indian pony to ride. I have got a big horse that I took from a pro slavery man I belong to Old Browns company. I suppose you have heard how we whipt them at Ossawatimy have you not we kild 30 and woonded 32 we had 30 men they 400 all mounted. I want you to write me and send some papers if you can. I must close now.
From your affectionate son,

William Freeman



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