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Untitled Document Indianapolis Sept 1854

My beloved

Shall this be the very last line or scrawl with which I shall trouble you from my Studio at my city home. and is it a fact that before this reaches you I shall be on my line of march for the distant wilds on the bank of the Missouri, Already the people here have deeply endeared themselves to me in my many ways and it almost seems like breaking away from home and all its blessed associations and as the hour of parting approaches I can not avoid feeling a continued sadness. It makes me sad to think of changes that must so soon take place among them, Like myself a good many others are leaving – Sad to think that I can never again see a great many of my beloved charges especially my Sabbath School until I meet them when there is no more change Sad to think of the choice that a great many of them may make for the endless future. Above all sad to think that my lack of diligence or fidelity to duty may have had something to do in actuating them in their choice – Sad to be obliged again to leave old familiar friends, and make me a home among Strangers. Especially among those whose habits are quite different from any to which I may have been accustomed – Sad dearest A.

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to be removed still farther from yourself with the prospect of having that separation much longer than I desired. Especially sad when in your kind letter to day you expressed such a willingness to be with me. to cheer me in my toils. You ask whether there will be other ministers with me. I suppose there may be of other persuasions but none very near that I am aware of acting as a co. laborer. Yet if you could be with me dearest A. to counsel and aid in my work I believe I should like it better than any minister they could send me – And with Your consent I will aim to effect this at the very earliest opportunity. I do believe I shall like Nebraska notwithstanding all the sacrifices – Oweing to the scarcity of the crops I already learn that the Indians are committing many depradations upon the scanty plantations of the squatters – which probably may result in serious difficulty before summer and crops again come, And I sometimes think that the encroachments of our people repeated and grieving upon the claims and rights of the red man may soon seem to be beyond all endurance and their impatient spirit will vent itself in unheard of cruelties or are they destined to melt away worselessly before the consuming avarice of the white man. I can hardly think that the most interesting items in indian history are yet given to the world – I hope however that ere long the subduing influence of our beloved Christianity will be witnessed in all their actions.

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I had a very pleasant visit at Woodstock found the people well. The Presbyterians are erecting a very large brick church in the village larger than any in Owego – The village is increasing gradually and is one of the most healthy places of the west. I did not sell my lot there. but expect I may the first good opportunity I found it more valuable than I expected – and were I not going where its worth may be invested to far greater advantage. I should by no means sell as the land is increasing in value very fast. It was not convenient for me to attend the Conference as I wished to go to Woodstock and I could have no other time only during its session – Should you have access to either the Zions Herald. Christian Advocate & Journal – Northern Christian Advocate – You will probably notice the stations of the Ministers of the North Indiana Conference in about the next number. (remember its name as there are four in the State). Br. Cooper goes to Richmond Br Barnes comes to Roberts Chapel – Br. Holman is appointed to the Mission charge. Br Hall yet retains the presiding Eldership – They have transferred me to the Missouri Conference the nearest one to my field of labor – My friend Sagr is yet laboring out here in the Country. during my absence to Woodstock I learned that he was in my room sick three or four days with the ague – He left town again the day before I came, so that I may not see him again before I leave Yesterday the county fair was held in the suburbs of the city, I did not attend, and cannot speak of it comparatively with ours. Those that did attend speak of it as rather a slim affair.

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The principle attraction was the elegant horsemanship of some ladies in competition for prizes. County fairs as well as state do well enough for a time but soon the excitement dies owing to the fact that everyone does not get the prize. And as “every crow always thinks its own young the whitest” of course if the prize is not awarded then there is great partiality used, and the prize was withheld from them “because they are poor or could not dress as well, &c. and then the fair is cried down as a great humbug. In their selfishness they all seem to forget the great leading object of the fair, and consequently lose all interest. The State fair meets next month at Madison Should I remain here I would like to go down. – I find that I must close owing to an engagement I hardly know where to tell you to write me. in answer to this. I wrote you a line from Woodstock to be answered at Springfield, Ill. If you please you may answer this by directing to St. Joseph’s, Missouri. I do not remember the county. My health is quite good – if I find time along the road I will drop you an occasional line. Adieu, for the present The blessing of the Lord ever be with You, is the prayer of your absent James. To Augusta


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