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Untitled Document Cottonwood Falls
December 20th 1859
Chase County Kansas

Sir Mr Webb

I shall try with all my heart to give you a sketch of old John Brown I become acquainted With him and Col Whipple at Spring Crick I think that is the Streams name any how I was summonds to go help gaurd the county trasure and behold when I got thair who did I see and what did see why I did see John Brown and Col Whipple thair with a leven negroes it bean vary cold that Knight I Concluded to Stay all Knight with Them enduring the time I heard The Story of all the proseading In giten thous negroes tha went one Knight to take thouse negros the master being unwilend to let his negros go and he resisted and tha kild him and tuck the leven Negros one Stable horse waggon and provison a nuf to do them thrue the waters beana by he was forsed to camp one the little Stream that I naimed before one day up com twenty five of the mosurans to take brown and prisners and tha was a fraid

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To go in tha orderd a dutchman to go in he Shuck his head tha orderd him to open the dwore the dutchmans reply was no by fait thaire is a man in dat hos and the first man that Stick his head in thair he will git his brains blowed out

So the mosurans left the waters went [xxx] brown Sent to Topeka for help nineteen was sent brown and col Whipple then hitch up And march acrost the Stream And found Sixty mosurans Standing in a lin a crost the Roaid for fight thair hearts faild them and tha run the captin told them that it was noyouse to fight them for old brown would whip all of them by his Self So tha all run till tha com to a point of timber well tha would fight him any how So tha got don hitch thaire horses and brown rush on them So fast Som got theaire So brown tuck what horses was lef fore or five prisoners

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And what horses was left Give the prisners good advise and turnd them louse kep the property tha got to pay thaire Way he sead at that time he intended to dy in the act of freeing Negroes he had him troden don with proSlaver and the los of his Son that was Kill at ossawatomie was nothing but death worse then death To him and he would have reveng and dy like a man I have hard of grate many Skraps that he has had Not noing them my Self

I shall not rite them
I shall write a few virses and bring my letter to clouse yours truly

Wm. Keller

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O grant that race to prove them better as well as braver men wise to forbear in civil life as bold to dare in hostile Strife for angle eyes that turns afar abhorrent from the Scenes of war have yet beheld with tears of joy virtues which war could not destroy that in the hot and tempting hour of mad Success and lawless power when brown pride revenge contend for mastery in the human friend Could chain these furies to their den and make the victors more then men nor solely to the chieftain free this [might?] of magnanimity round many a humbler head it glowed through many a humbler heart it flowed thouse who [xxx] their leaders claim must fall themselves unknown to fame theirs the toil without the praise

The conquest but not its day

So when wars angry flame retires and lingring one the galless expires these tried and painful death will land him hom to rest in a place whear siner dwel in heaven or hell

William J Keller


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