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Untitled Document St. Catherine’s, Canada

Saturday, May 15th 1858

Friend Adda:-

The date of this letter would, no doubt surprise you, had you not ere this received letters from Luke, explaining much, though, perhaps, not all. It was hard for me, as I also know it was for him, to deceive you; but will not the circumstances more than justify us both? I think so; and will doubtless do the same, ultimately, if not now. All depends upon caution, and however cautious you and your friends may have been, yet walls sometimes have ears (on the outside) and therefore communications of that kind made too early, even to the dearest friends, not directly connected therewith, might be followed by deplorable results. How much your brother may have told you I know not, - enough, probably, however, to enable you to know that our destination was not what we professed it to be. Yet, why should you mourn? You will see him

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sooner than if it had been as we represented, and with honors sufficient to recompense you for his abuse. He will also pass through less of danger, however daring it may appear to others. Luke left me while at Chatham, CW on Tuesday, and proceeded to Cleveland, O., by way of Detroit. I came on here two days ago. I shall remain until next week sometime, and then pass on by way of Niagara Falls and Buffalo, to join Luke at C. This city is the finest in the province, and is located 20 [xxx] from the Falls

I need not say that I shall be glad to hear from you – any of you, for this is to all. I will receive any letters addressed to Lindenville, Ashtabula Co. Ohio. Do not take offence when I say that much discretion should be used in writing. All allusions to important matters should be figurative, as letters are subject to obstruction from the mails.

With the highest respects to all, together with many thanks to your family for the kind hospitality which they have shown me,

I remain the sincere friend of yourself and brother,


P.S. I hope Hellen will not forget me, should you write. K.


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