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Untitled Document New Haven Oct 6 1857

John Brown Esq

Dear Sir: I have shown the tract Vol. received by yours of the 12th ult to several of our friends, who say that it is well & concisely written, & states strongly some of the acknowledged principles on which on which rests the structure of our fair Republic. As to whether it & others to follow, will be productive of any special good results, in the way which I suppose it is intended to employ them, those on the grounds are better judges than we can be. Yesterday was for Kansas a day of critical & fearful importance - & the thought of millions centered there in fear & hope. I dread to hear the result, -for I have no expectation that the election was conducted in any fairness – or that it can result in anything but another triumph of fraud & ruffianism.

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I thought specially of you & wondered where you was & what doing.

You have doubtless seen the correspondence of citizens of Conn “ with Buchanan. It is all contained in the “Independent” of the 1st inst & I presume will soon reach your place. It caused here in the Northern States great fluttoring among Democrats - & chagrin that the President should have thus committed the party to the extremest doctrines of Slavery extension & Slavery Nationalisation.

The memorial has assumed an importance that we never dreamed of.

Your letter has been read by some of our friends - & Mr [Twining?] will write you on the subject. At present it is utterly impossible to raise money. The pressure is very severe & increasing. Today the Charter Oak – Exchange & etc “Mercantile” Banks of Hartford suspended & where it is to end none can tell.

Many factories here have stopped & a

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large number of people are out of employment, with the prospect of a winter of destitution & idleness before them.

We look for some telegraphic news of the Election in Kansas within two or three days. –

When you have anything of interest to communicate please let me hear from you. Your affairs will not be forgotten here when a time arrives in which anything can be done.

With respect
I remain dear Sir
Yours etc
S. G. Hubbard


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