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Untitled Document Lawrence, K.T. July 24 /57
George L. Stearns Esq.

Dear Sir;

I wrote you yesterday- and sent my letter by Gov. Robinson to Quindaro to mail. The mail is sent from Lawrence but three times a week. I wrote concerning my ticket – but forgot to inclose it. I now send it. – Every thing is quiet here. Gov. Walker has not made any development of his purposes in coming here with his Troops, beyond his Proclamation – I send you the census so far as returned to Gov. Robinson – Votes 16,971 – Blacks 342. Total population 47,206. This is not complete, many of the districts failed to make any returns – The opinion is, that only about one half of the votes or population has been returned. There is now an effort making to have a complete census, or roll of the voters in the Territory made out. By a vote of the Convention Genl. Lane was authorized to make an enrollment of all the voters in Kansas, and arm them for the protection of the Ballot

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Boxes-. In pursuance of said vote, Gen. Lane has opened a Head Quarters in Lawrence – divided the Territory into 4 divisions – and eight Brigades – Regiments - & companies of not less than thirty – these are to be in all the voting precincts if so many as thirty votes can be found in each of them. After the enrollment has been perfected, the companies are to elect their officers - & the company officers will elect their regimental officers – and the last named will elect the General officers – A Roll of all the men will be made out of each Company – giving the name, the age – residence –where from & how long the person has been in the Territory – Also the names are to be given of all who refuse to sign – a duplicate of all this, is to be sent to Lawrence within thirty days – this plan if not interfered with by Gov. Walker, will ensure a thorough organization – I had my fears that he would not look upon it with favor, perhaps revolutionary – and had some doubt whether I should be justified in expending any money, in carrying out the organization – I accordingly consulted Dr. Webb. He concurred with me

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in opinion that if Gov. Walker made no objection to it – the plan would prove very efective – up to this time no objection has been made by the Gov but instead I learn from Capt. Saml Walker a man the Gov. sent for, and who communicated the whole plan to him – that he replied, “he saw no objection to it”-

The men who are intrusted with the detail of the business – are good men – as they go to their respective assignments – they take along with them the necessary election papers – and Ballots for the August election. In this way a good beginning has been made for the October Election I may add – the plan meets the approval of all the leading Free State men so far as I know. Almost all of our men here, except Judge Conway, have turned their attention to money making – I am sure they need some one here, situated as I am to assist them in arranging their places, and helping to execute them – and they seem to regard it as oppertune that I am here. I should like to be advised of your views – as yet, I have recd nothing. Unless advised speciffically by you, I shall feel at liberty to pursue such a course, as in my judgement seems

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best adopted to attain the desired end – I have been specific in saying, that I could not take any sides with parties among free state men – but should regard them all as friends – and should indulge the hope, that all of them would do good service in the common cause – this has had a good efect, one would hardly feel that there had been any differences – they meet, converse, prepare – and arrange plans as heartily as you could wish –

The weather is still very warm no rain-

Yours Respectively
Thos. J. Marsh


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