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Untitled Document August 16th 1856

The prospect now appears so favorable for us, that it does seem as though I had not better try to meet you just now. The prospect is that there will be either a writ of Habeus Corpus issued or a change of venue which will in either case take us into the States for trial

Have sent you several letters lately by persons going to Topeka, and I enclose one which I wrote on the 13th the bearer of it not seeing you there has returned it.

I was in hearing of the attack on Col Titus this morning. A messenger has just come in stating that he Titus and several others were taken prisoners – Titus wounded he also reports that a free state man was either killed yesterday or last night as he was found at Titus’s stiff and cold – Saw the fire of Titus’s house – Well it seems that Heaven is smiling on our arms - The case may be that within a few days I shall think it altogether best to try to meet you. – a very few days will determine – All well

May God bless you -

Good bye-

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I should be very glad to see you if you think it prudent to visit me – There is nothing here that I know of in the way – If you come just at edge of evening no one need know it is you - - But don’t risk yourself if you are aware of danger – there are spies around

In view of present prospects the prisoners think best that no attempt should be made at present to release them We are all well treated here - Captain Sackett is a noble man

Should be very glad to know where I could communicate with you from time to time


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