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List of names of men wounded in the battle of Palmyra or Black Jack: also of Eight volunteers who maintained their position during that fight; to whom the surrender was made June 2nd 1856.

O A Carpenter
Henry Thompson
Wounded badly, Thompson dangerously
Mr Parmely wounded slightly in nose also in arm so that he had to leave the ground
Charles Keiser
Elizuh Hill
Wm David
Hugh McWhinney
Mr Cochran of Pottawatomie B L
Owen Brown
Salmon Brown (accidentally wounded after the fight & liable to remain a cripple)
Oliver brown

Names of all who either fought or guarded the Horses during the fight at Palmyra June 2nd 1856 will found on other side

Respectfully submitted by John Brown

Messrs Whitman Eldridge & others

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List of volunteers either engaged or guarding horses during the fight at Palmyra or Black Jack June 2nd 1856

Saml T Shores Capt
Silas More
David Hendricks (Horse Guard)
Hiram McAllister
Mr Parmely (wounded)
Silvester Harris
O A Carpenter (badly wounded)
Augustus Shore
Mr Townsley of Pottawatomie
Wm B Hayden

List of Volunteers etc at Black Jack
John McWhinney
Montgomery Shore
Elkanah Timmons
T Weiner
A Bondy
Hugh McWhinney
Charles Keiser
Elizuh Hill
Wm David
Mr Cochran of Potawatomie
Henry Thompson (dangerously wounded)
Elias Basinger
Owen Brown
Fredk Brown (Horse guard)
Salmon Brown (wound & cripled)
Oliver Brown
This blank to be filled
John Brown


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