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Untitled Document Browns Station, Kansas Territory, 14th Decem 1855

Orson Day Esqr
White Hall

Dear Sir

I have just returned for the Kansas War (about which you have no doubt learned by the news papers;) & find your Letter of the 19th Nov. As I intend to send you shortly a paper published here giving you a more full account of the invasion than I can consistently afford the time to give; I will only say at this time that the territory is now entirely in the power of the Free State men; & notwithstanding this result has been secured by means of some bravery, & tact; with a good deal of trickery on the one side; & of cowardice, folly, & drunkeness on the other yet so it is; & I believe the Missourians will give up all further hope of making Kansas a Slave State. Tomorrow the people of Kansas will decide whether to adopt or to reject the Free Constitution submitted to them; & I have no doubt of its adoption. Indeed I consider it no longer a question whether this is to be a free or a Slave State. As I wrote you a few days since we have secured a good claim for you & shall be preparing to build on it for you as fast as we can. As we have access to no Saw Mill as yet for any lumber. Think you & Mrs Day had better leave the plannig of a House to Mr. Thompson & myself; but still if you send us a plan in season we will conform to it so far as circumstances will allow of it. Could you be on the

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ground & understand all the circumstances in connection you would probably decide to do in many respects different from what you would if at White Hall. I would be glad to get you to buy a Draft on New York at some good bank in your vicinity for $146.38 One Hundred & Forty Six Dollars & Thirty Eight Cents payable to the order of T W Carter, Esqr; & send it to him in a letter directed T W Carter Esqr. Agent Mass. Arms Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass.; asking him to acknowlege the receipt as for me; & will make the same all right with you I want to remit him that amount in payment for Fire arms sent me by him; & without which we might have been placed in very awkward circumstances. I am more & more plased with this country; & with the prospects of my friends here; & think I may recommend it to you in good faith. Please write me on receipt of this whether you can accommodate me about the Draft for Mr. Carter or not; so that I may know as soon as may be. Land Warrants will be as good as gold in payment for Land as soon as the Lands are in readiness for market; & you will be safe in improving on a Claim while you keep a Warrant ready to pay for it with The health of my Family out here is improving. The most of them are in fine health. In great haste

Your Friend

John Brown


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