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Untitled Document Osawatomie, K. T. Oct 13, 1855 Saturday Eve

Dear Wife, & Children every one

We reached the place where the Boys are located one Week ago, late at Night; at least Henry & Oliver did; I being tired staid behind in our tent a Mile or two back. As the Mail goes from here early Monday Morning we could get nothing here in time for that mail. We found all more or less sick; or feeble but Wealthy & Jonny. All at Brownville appear now to be mending. All sick or feeble here at Mr Adairs. Fever & Ague, & chill fevers seem to be verry general. Oliver has had a turn of the Ague since he got here but has got it broken. Henry has had no return since first breaking it. We met with no difficulty in passing through Missouri, but from the sickness of our Horse & our heavy load. The Horse has entirely recovered. We had between us all Sixty cents in cash when we arived. We found our folks in a most uncomfortable situation with no Houses to shelter one of them; no Hay or Corn fodder of any account secured shivering over their little fires all exposed to the dreadfuly cutting Winds Morning and Evening, & stormy days. We have been trying to help them all in our power; & hope to get them more comfortable soon. I think much of there ill health is oweing to most unreasonable exposure. Mr Adairs folks would be quite comfortable if they were well. One letter from Wife & Anne to Salmon of Aug 10th & one from Ruth to John 19th Sept is all I have seen from any of you since getting here Henry found one from Ruth which he has not shown me. Need I write, that I shall be glad to hear from you. I did not write while in Missouri because I had no confidence in your getting my letters. We took up little Austin & brought him on here; which appears to be a great comfort to Jason & Ellen. We were all out a good part of

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the night last; helping to keep the Prairie fires from destroying every thing so that I am almost blind today; or I would write you more. Sabath Eve Oct 14th I notice in your letter to Salmon your trouble about the means of having the House made more comfortable for Winter & I fondly hope you have been relieved on that score before now by funds from Mr Hurlbut of Winchester Ct from the sale of the Cattle there. Write me all about your situation, for if disappointed from that sourse I shall make every effort to relieve you in some other way. Last Tuesday was an Election day with Free State men in Kansas, & hearing that there a prospect of difficulty we all turned out most thoroughly armed ( except Jason who was too feeble ) but no enemy appeared; nor have I heard of any disturbance in any part of the Territory. Indeed I believe Missouri is fast becoming discouraged about making Kansas a Slave State, & think the prospect of its becoming Free is brightening every day. Try to be cheerful & always "hope in God" who will not leave nor forsake them that trust in him. Try to comfort; & encourage each other all you can. You are all very dear to me & I humbly trust we may be kept & spared; to meet again on Earth; but if not let us all endeavor earnestly to secure admission to that Eternal Home where will be no more bitter seperations; “where the wicked shall cease from troubling; & the weary be at rest.” We shall probaly spend a few days more in helping the Boys to provid some kind of shelters for Winter, & mean to write you often. May God in infinite mercy bless, comfort, & save you all; for Christs sake .

Your Affectionate Husband & Father

John Brown


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