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Untitled Document Lawrence, K. T. Dec. 18, 1854
A. A. Lawrence Esq.

Dear Sir

Your very acceptable letter of 21st ult. is gratefully received & was perused with deep interest, for various reasons. It has inspired me with new confidence in the ultimate success of the enterprise we have so much at heart, with gratitude for your benevolent intentions towards our new city & territory, & for your generous donation to one so unworthy as myself. Although I am very anxious to add to my small property sufficient to provide for the future, both for myself & especially for my beloved wife, & consequently feel very thankful for the pecuniary value of the coupon in your last, yet I must acknowledge that the endorsement is not the least valuable part of it in my view. I believe I have in my nature as little of fawning sycophancy as most people, yet no man can better appreciate the good opinion of honorable men than I do. Without it life would be dark indeed, but with the co-operation & approval of good men we can bear toil, suffering & adversity with a light spirit and cheerful mind. Pardon my freedom, but I wish to say that my acquaintance with you from first to last has been a fruitful source of pleasure to me, & I shall ever be most happy to show my appreciation of your kind attention by my devotion to the work alloted me by the Trustees, & to your interest in particular.

Our people are all busily engaged at present & consequently I have not commenced the foundation of your building, & shall wait till Mr. Pomeroy arrives to select the location. I have let the people know that such a building was to be erected, but not by whom. It is no use, however, in keeping back the name of the builder, for all guess that the money is to come from A. A. Lawrence of Boston.

It is not yet known when out territorial election will be held, but probably not till towards spring. When it comes you may rest assured that we shall secure as many districts as our men will enable us to without fraudulent voting. I have not been disposed to resort to that, although it would be easy to do so.

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The last election has aided us much by showing the character of the vote in the different precincts, although in many places the anti-slavery people did not dare to vote at all. Mr. Brown is here & preparing to start his paper, as are also the others, the Messrs Spear & Mill[er] & Elliot, making three anti-slavery newspapers in Lawrence. Mr. Brown’s steam press has not arrived.

I will write about matters & things in detail to Dr. W [?]—soon as I can get time.
In haste Very Respectfully
A. C. Robinson

To A. A. Lawrence, Esq.
Boston, Mass.
Our saw mill is the smartest little thing I ever saw of –[?]


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