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Untitled Document Dec 22nd 1857

Head Quarters near Sugar Mound

My Dear Wife

I know that you must be extremely anxious for my welfare ere this but have have [sic] had no opportunity to send with any assurance of you receiving it. I send word by Mr Clark My messenger to Lane who I suppose gave you some account of my action and position. I had hoped when I left home to have been back within a week at the most but everything is most uncertain in Kansas and now cannot promise certain when I shall be at home. We have seen some hard times but never defeat. We have lost some by arrest but none in battle. Brother Stewart is a prisiner in Fort Scott but if I am rightly informed as to the particulars it was owing to his own rashness: but comfort his wife with hopes of obtaining a speedy release Night before last our little army consisting of 175 men marched for little Osage to Sugar Creek a distance of 14 miles through one of the most tideous snow storms that I remember to to [sic] witnessing. There we found Lane and his staff which had the effect to strengthen the hearts of my men and renew their hopes and we immediately mustered into the Sevice under the Law and the inhabitance are furnishing board and lodging with the promise of pay who were afraid as before

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I have not time to complete my letter. I wish you get the corn harvested if posable if you have not. [Gen?] Whitman will the particulars as far as he has time. I hope you are well and my little Nellie also kiss for me. Gen Lane sets at my side and says I may xxx start home Saturday and he is a man of his word. Good bye and god bless

From your Husband
Jas B. Abbott


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