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Untitled Document 1858

Centervill Lin County Kansas Teritory Jan 10th

Dear Sir I take my pen this morning to let you know that we are yet a live and where we are we left Union the 17th of Sept 1857 and arived at Centervill Lin Co on the 17th of October where we now are we are all well except Chandler he has bin rather down with a bad cold and I think trubled some with worms but I think is on the mend we have a fine country here to all appearances the perary is Smooth and ritch rather roaling with frequent revenes on the Sides of those revenes it is filled with lime rock at the heds of meny of them thair is Springs of water but not all of them durable on the bottum thair meny places of water to water Stock & Some Scrubby timber groas in Some of them but water is rather Scarce & wood and Timber is verry scerse on the cricks there is plenty of Timber perhaps from one to two miles wide and verry good it consists of black wornut Oak of all kinds maple hackbury Sigamore Elm &c. &c. we have high perary and low perary the high perary is thought to be helthy and best for inglish grain the low perary not so helthy but better for corn and grass the Timber land on the cricks is called bottums which is verry ritch and is an excelent place for

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hogs to run those that keep hogs here keep from ten to five hundred they run on the bottums and are not fed at all thay are all ear marked or ment to be if not any one clames them and shoots them down in the summer thay live well on rattle Snakes in the fall thay Live on Shack in the winter thay git a plenty of wild artichokes when thay want to kill thay take thair rifles and team and go down into the bottums and shoot a load or more and cart them home and partly dress them and Salt them up in one corner of the room without eny Barel or box thear let them be till next Spring or Summer then take them up and Smooke them then thay are fit for use or Sale we have got the first and only met barels that I have Seen or heard of in the place &c tell Frank & Milo that thair is plenty of deer wild turkeys perary hens wild gees here the gees cum in to our corn fields they lite on the perary near the house by hundreds woolvs are verry plenty thay cum round the the [sic] house Some nights and make Such a yelling that it wakes us all up I got up one night and went out in my Shirt and drove them a way &c. I must leave the rest to write in uncle Russ letter and you can See it thare I expect you will wright me as Soon as you git this and tell me all that has bin and what is goin on in old Union this makes thirteen letters I have rote back and have not had one from Union

Respectfully yours, Moses C. Sessions


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