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Untitled Document New York Oct. 7. 1855

My Dear Sir

I wrote you three days ago and sent by same mail a little book, which I think will be useful.

I have ordered and unless my arrangements fail shall have ready for shipment on the 10th the instruments I proposed to purchase for you and with it 25 shell and 25 canister cartridges & all necessa-

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ries except powder which you had better order from St. Louis The necessary quantity for these cartridges will be of coarse powder, 12 lbs. and perhaps ¼ that of rifle powder for charging the shells. I shall send you by private conveyance if possible instructions for charging &c. so clear that I think you will have no difficulty to use the instrument with the best effect if

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there should unfortunately be occasion.

One discharge of it at musket range is considered equally effective with a simultaneous fire of 100 muskets – while its moral effect in producing consternation & panic upon an enemy especially of undiscplined men is far greater.

If you can use it properly as I doubt not you will, it is worth a dozen field pieces.

It will come by the under ground, via Chicago & [Peneuch?], as agreed –

Yours Truly
Acting Commis.


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