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Untitled Document My Dear Sir

I can delay writing to you no longer, although I have nothing to communicate at all satisfactory.

The whole fund now at my command is less than $350. I shall try a few days longer in hopes to make it up to at least $400 –

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before I make my purchases.

With regard to the objects for which I shall use it, I shall probably act as I indicated to you in my last conversation. I have the advice of a veteran officer and I shall in a few days send you a letter of military advice which I shall re-

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ceive from him for you. He entirely agrees with the view I took of your position. You have as many S’s as you can use to advantage. For the bulk of your arms the old fashioned pieces would really be better than Ss, this he says, with the highest opinion of S. for especial service. I shall therefore probably either send you an h.

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or m. & send things that will be of peculiar value under certain circumstances which are not unlikely to occur in a defensive position.

By this mail I shall send a valuable book. It is out of print, but I hope to obtain several copies which are in private hands. The pencil marks are to be disregarded, but the ink marks you are advised to observe carefully,

Yours Truly

Moffats Oct. 4.


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