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Untitled Document Boston. Aug 20. 55.

My dear Sir

This instalment of carbines is far from being enough and I hope the measures you are taking will be followed up until every organized company of trusty men in the Territory shall be supplied. Doct. Cabot will give me the names of any gentlemen here who subscribe money & the amount of wh. I shall keep a memorandum, & promise them that it shall be repaid either in cash or in rifles whenever it is settled that Kanzas shall not be a province of Missouri. Therefore keep them in capital order, & above all take good care that they do not fall into the hands of the Missourians after you once get them into use.

You must dispose of these where they will do the most good, & for this purpose you shd advise with Dr Robinson & Mr Pomeroy.

Yours Truly
Amos A Lawrence

Mr Ja’s B. Abbott.
Care of A Rogers. Hartford


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