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Untitled Document Soldier Creek Jackson Co. Kansas
Sept 7 1859

Dear Br Goodnow

Three hundred dollars arrived before I left home one week ago and the next four hundred that Br Magee supplies I suppose is there before this time. If we have school this winter in the Lower Story, it must be plastered—if plastered the sand must be drawn now soon before the river rises—lath too must be obtained from Leavenworth &c. A Back House must be built and these will take money. Br Marlatt & I concluded to have it done and if necessary let some of the Brou’s payments lay over till next year.---- Br Marlatt gave Capt Beasley of the Steamer Gus, Linn $40, in July to purchase iron for the College. The Boat went down near Lecompton and stuck on a Sand Bar near a month. No Iron of course from that. Near the last of August I followed it below Lawrance & found the Capt. had gone to St. Louis and the Boat had gone on

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to Wyandott or somewhere else. When you return you had better inquire for it in St. Louis and get the money if you can or we may loose it. The College Trustees need and must have a Common Seal to make their business transactions legal. Had you not better inquire about the matter in St Louis and if you can make out the right device &c get one. Br Blood got one for the Manhattan Town Association. I think for $6.00.

I have bought two bedsteads, one for you and 6 chairs that you can have the use of in the Parlor. I hope there will be no delay in finishing the House & getting on the College Roof but have some fear. The Mills are dilatory, the iron delays but I hope in spite of these it will be pushed through in time. I must go below again in Oct. and then in Nov. I expect my Dear Friend will move up to Blumont. I think you will be much pleased with her.

We have just closed our 2d Camp Meeting. 16 have joined as the fruits of the meetings. The 3rd & 4th come next week & week after, then I go home. Kind regards to all

Very truly yours

Joseph Denison

[edge of Page 1] Tell William his Bond business is making me some trouble I have raised some Lumber but no money from his Notes & have stopt whipping his Creditors round the stump.

When will you be in Leavenworth on the way home? Please let us know.


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