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Untitled Document Leavenworth K.T.
May 5th 1859

Rev C. E. Blood.

I have been to Lawrence, Wyandotte, Quindaro, Parkville, Delaware & now here. At Wyandotte I saw our Editor Mr. Vivaldi. He is a gentleman. His plan is to print 1000 copies of his paper at Wyandotte or Kansas City & then come up & see what you can do for him. In the mean time all the advertisements & items bearing on our town must be got together & forwarded to him at Wyandotte to be published in the first number next week, if possible. You prepare an Article on the history of Manhattan, its settlement &c. Marlatt take the history of Bluemont College, & its prospects. Dr Robinson on the road to Pikes Peak & the advantages of Manhattan for trade

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& financial investments. In short divide up the work as you please, but let this first number be a “Circular” in fact, to advertise Manhattan. But what is done must be done quickly. It is of most importance to be prompt! Another thing, you must be liberal with Mr Vivaldi, that is, I mean the people! No “picayune policy” will answer. It would drive him away! He has full favorable opinion enough of our people. I hope his expectations will be met! An office for his press should be secured immediately, also a house for him to live in. If “Poynter Avenue” will not furnish an office, why not have Dr. Robinsons stone building on Osage Street, finished off forthwith? & the “Cotton wood” house for his family? The Editors family wants must be cared for, or they will get homesick.

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What’s every body’s business is nobody’s. See to it that these matters are all speedily attended to. We must not be wearry in well doing. Sometime, I hope you & I & the Doctor will not have to work so hard for the good of “all Mankind”! With a good press, good churches & a College we shall have a chance to take breath! Well, perhaps we may not—rest till we reach our “journeys end.” If so, all right.

The Lord knows what is best for us. We should die with the “harness” on!

We now have the prospect of putting our lumber on board the steamer “Gus Linn”, a beautiful craft built expressly for our river. It is expected here tomorrow. We obsign to put aboard 15M.ft. of lumber, 46M.

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Shingles &c. &c. with Mr Brous to look after all. & if it is a possible thing, it will “Make Manhattan. Prospects good. I shall be right off on my mission. Am encouraged. Take care of the College building at home & I will try to meet expectations from abroad.

With kind regards to Mrs Blood I am yours very Truly

Isaac T. Goodnow

N.B. Please write immediately at “Pittsburg Penn.” After 2 weeks at N. York City.


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