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The Pottawatomie Murders

May 1856.

Part of the Original Testimony taken before the Grand Jury, under direction of Judge Cato, to identify the parties &c.

The within paper, with many others now lost or mislaid, was handed to me by Judge Cato when he turned over to me the prisoners, John Brown Jr. Henry H. Williams & others, for examination.

The only point of interest herein is the identification of Old Man Brown, but no evidence to connect him with the affair, as the remainder of the Testimony is missing.

E. Hoogland

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Mr Harvey Jackson

Saw John Brown Jun and Jason Brown in Camp at Palmyra There was a gentleman Elected at Atawy Jones by the company H H William as Captian of the Pottawatomie Company and Returned home as [such?] Saw grey Stable Horse standing Hitched Evidence Lane or other

Amos Hall

That on Last Thursday Started up to otaja Jones Friday Met a Man on horse Back in Company with waggon old man brown was in the waggon some of the partys asked him where he was going he said that he was going out on a [xxx] Expedition and that he would soon be back Mr John Brown [xxx] C A Foster Clayton Left Camp went to Lawrence (What there was some nigroes Come to Camp John Brown Jun Detained the Negroes understood So) Clayton says that this woman made a present of Saddle to him for [Returning?] Negroes

I heard John Brown Jun made these Remarks that as soon as the new of the Murder he Said it was good and good news Testimony nearly Same as Holbrook & Woods.

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I R Mc Daniel

Duly Sworn that I had a white steer red neck with some spots on him marked [xxx] and uncle bet in Each Ear at John Charley on Weas Creek Said Steer was drove away by James Hughes and was Seen passing this Town & [xxx] to his name After ward found said Steer at Coffee (Indian) Left by his Son in Law at that place

Luther Paschal

Duly sworn that he knew a Steer [xxx] Hughes Drove by here this [xxx] that he knew to belong to said McDaniels he also states that John [Charley?] said that he never sold the steer but said that Hughes claimed it and drove it away

Isaac Shaw

Duly Sworn Mr Hughes had [told?] him Said that he had got four steer from John Charley he said that two of them was his own and that he would buy the [Chane?] of the other when he got home I seen the steer at Mr. McDaniel house but Hughes drove pas him and that was one for the steer that he was going to buy the [chance?] of

On [motion?] the [xxx] [xxx] it over to next court


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