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Untitled Document [Wakarusa Treaty (Draft)] [Dec. 8, 1855]

Whereas, there is a misunderstanding between the people of Kansas, or a portion of them, and the Governor thereof, arising out of the rescue near Hickory Point of a citizen under arrest, and some other matters. – And whereas a Strong apprehension exists that said misunderstanding may lead to civil strife and bloodshed; And, whereas, as it is desired by both Governor Shannon and the citizens of Lawrence and vicinity to avert a calamity so disastrous to the interests of the Territory and the Union, and to place all parties in a correct position before the world:

Now, therefore, it is agreed by the said Governor Shannon and the undersigned, citizens of said Territory in Lawrence now assembled, that the matter in dispute is settled as follows to wit:

We the said citizens of said Territory, protest, that the said rescue was made without our knowledge or consent, but that if any of our citizens in the Town of Lawrence were engaged in said rescue, we pledge ourselves to aid in the execution of any legal process against them: -- that we have no knowledge of the previous – present or prospective existence of any organization in the said Territory for the resistance of the laws, and that we have not designed, and do not design, to resist the legal service of any criminal process therein, - but pledge ourselves to aid in the execution of the laws when called on by proper authority in the Town or vicinity of Lawrence and that we will use our influence in preserving order therein, and declare that we are now, as we have been, ready at any time to aid the Governor in securing a posse for the execution

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of such process: Provided that any persons thus are arrested in Lawrence or vicinity while a foreign force shall remain in the Territory, shall be only examined before a United States District Judge of said Territory in said Town and admitted to bail, and provided further that all citizens arrested without legal process by the Sheriff’s posse shall be set at liberty; and provided further that Governor Shannon agrees to use his influence to secure to the citizens of Kansas Territory remuneration for any damages suffered, or unlawful depredations of any such have been committed by the Sheriff’s posse, in Douglas county; and further Governor Shannon stated that he has not called upon persons residents of any other state to aid in the execution of the laws, - that such as are here in this territory are here of their own choice and that he does not consider that he has any authority to do so, and that we will not call on any citizen of another state who may be here. That we wish it understood, that we do not herein express any opinion as to the validity of the enactments of the Territorial Legislature.

Wilson Shannon
Chas Robinson
J H Lane


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