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Untitled Document taking, vengeance upon their Savage & Barbarous enemies. (But they were by their officers prudently restrained) messengers were dispatched to Gov. Shannon with a memorial giving him a true state of all the facts from the beginning to the end, requesting him to send home the mob or they would not be responsible for the consequences.

The Gov. appeared in person to compromise, his first terms were that the people of Lawrence should deliver up to his army Sharps rifles and obey the Laws of the Bogus Legislature. Gov Robinsons reply was worthy of one of the old Romans. “We will compromise, keep the rifles & give them the contents.” A long consultation followed, the Gov. became convinced that he had been grossly deceived & imposed upon by his Missourian allies who were only making him a tool to carry out their own base purposes. He was deeply troubled. He had raised the storm, & now felt it a difficult matter to control it. He was in a bad scrape & most heartily wished himself out of it. Terms of settlement were drawn up & agreed upon, & signed by Gov. Robinson & Lane, with Gov. Shannon. In these the noble defenders of Lawrence sacrificed not one jot nor tittle of their principles their honor nor independences. In substance the treaty of peace is as follows; A misunderstanding has existed between a portion of the people of Kansas & the Gov. relative to the rescue case at Hickory Point & fearing that war & bloodshed may follow with serious consequences to the territory & union, they agree to settle difficulties as follows: The Citizens of Lawrence were without knowledge of the rescue & it was without their consent, but if any of their citizens were engaged in it they would aid in the execution of any legal process against them; that they are unacquainted with any organization to resist the laws & that they have not designed & do not design to resist the legal service of any criminal process but will aid in the execution of the laws when called

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upon by the proper authorization in the town & vicinity of Lawrence provided that any person thus arrested while a [xxx xxx xxx xxx] shall be examined before U. S. District Judge & admitted to bail. And that all citizens arrested by the Sheriffs posse without legal process shall be set at Liberty; and Provided that Gov. Shannon use his influence to secure remuneration for any damage done to the Citizens of Kansas by said Sheriffs posse, & furthermore he [xxx] that he has not called on citizens of any states to aid in the execution of the laws, & will not do so, & that those now here are here of their own choice. This remarkable document closes with the following very significant sentence, “That we wish it understood that we do not express any opinion as to the enactments of the Territorial Legislation.” Now it is well known that the people who were a party to this settlement do not consider any thing legal eminating from said legislature, & agreed simply to abide by the U. S Laws, as they always have done.

In addition to this agreement, the Gov. endorsed the Commission of Robinson & Lane, as Generals with instructions to present [xxx] with the forces under their command. The whole bears dated Dec 9th 1855. In fact, the Gov., turning to the right about face, adopted them as his army & rejects the lawless hordes of border ruffians, his late army.

The next move in the Drama is to get rid of his mob force. At the earnest request of the Gov. the real terms of settlement were not published for some days. The [xxx] it in substance to the citizens at Lawrence, while in the enemies camp it was announced that the Citizens of Kansas had agreed to observe the laws! They were thanked for their services disbanded & requested to go home. Some were satisfied but more not & vented their displeasure in cursing the Gov. Kansas & anything pertaining to it. Many urged an attack on Lawrence, among whom were the Stringfellows, but Davy Atchison more politic advised otherwise. He evidently saw that by the prudence & cool [xxx] of the statement he had been out generaled, & must seek another occasion to strike a blow, with any prospect of success.

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The [xxx] of provisions & liquor & The elements combined to establish peace. One of the several snow storms set in with piercing cold & this blood thirsty mob broke up with double quick time & started for home in deepest disorder. They lost many of their guns & horses – the latter stolen by the Indians – many were frost bitten besides 2 or 3 deaths from quarrels among themselves. Thus was was [sic] accomplished one of the most important bloodless victories of modern times. To the inhabitants of Lawrence with their Commanders to [xxx] if prison cannot be assigned. Even the women displayed the most determined heroism. They ran bullets, & Some even practiced with revolvers preparatory to standing beside their husbands & friends should the attack be made. There being a considerable quantity of ammunition in a house 8 miles from the City Two of the ladies one the wife of G. W. Brown, editor of Herald of Freedom volunteered to go in a buggy and get it. They succeeded, by evasive answers in passing the Missouri guards & arrived back in safety with the much needed articles.

After all Sharps rifles did more to cool off the ardor of the mob than any thing else. (An anecdote here may not be amiss). A delegate from the enemies camp happened along at a time when 75 soldiers were target shooting. The mark was a sheet of foolscap at the distance of a mile. This was completely riddled! Connect with this the idea that they could be discharged 10 times a minute & what chance would 1500 Missourians stand against 800 Kansas Sons of Liberty 200 armed with this rifle, & entrenched in fortifications that would make a [Young?] Sevastipol & then judge whether the Lawrence men would have only a breakfast spell for (the Missouri) our boys.” It was the policy of Gen Robinson to keep the enemy [xxx] in the [xxx] acting only on the defensive, but [xxx] they made an attack hundred of them would have bitten the dust. The spirit of 76 was thoroughly up & our army really wished for the assault. They had some accounts [xxx] by these ruffians which they wish

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ed closed. But for better as it is. While [sympathy?] with these [hordes?] are growing less Free state men have reaped new laurels. Many moderate pro-slavery men [xxx xxx xxx] have joined the Free state ranks & are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the battles of freedom.

But the end is not yet! Any further occasion will be seized upon for another invasion, to wipe out their last defeat. Already a foray has been made at Leavenworth resulting the destruction of a printing press, ballot box, & the death of 2 men at the time of voting on the Constitution. All this is rapidly working out the Freedom of Kansas. Gov. Reeder Oct 9th had over 3000 votes for Delegate to Congress, Gen. Whitfield Oct 1st 2500, of the last 1700 were imported voters from Missouri, leaving only 800 bona fide voters of Kansas for Whitfield clearly demonstrating that Free State votes outnumber Proslavery, nearly 4 to 1! I had designed to add something by way of information to emigrants but the length of this communication forbids. With the prospect assured that Kansas must be a Free a state I remain very truly

Yours as ever I T G

Our Free state legislature meets on the 4th of March at which time another inroad from the borders may be made. If this point is passed in safety, I have no fears from future invasions.


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