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Untitled Document Lawrence Kansas Oct 3 1856

Hiram Hill Esq.

Dear Friend – I can hardly tell what I have written you for the past three or four weeks – I gave up business for some time entirely – and spent all the time in the field – indeed I have done no business since the Battle of Franklin – untill within a few days – and indeed all this season we have been entirely [divided?] I paid Mr [Aleher?] his Share – on the notes Mr Coats sent me that is line that he had found the matter [xxx] [xxx] I wrote to him but had no answer. I have had no opportunity to [xxx] here from him since I think cant tell share –

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Your houses are all paying rent – at $250 – as cash – I took Lot number 45 Vermont Street, from Mr Fuller – paid him the balance of a little more than $150.00 I paid rather high – but still – it will sell for about that amount. – I am making a road through West Lawrence by way of [xxx] Street. Which will bring that property into market as soon as the deeds come –

I have confidence in the [homes?] here and shall stick to them.

I have several orders to draw on Dr Webb for two hundred & fifty dollars – one hundred to go to Osawatomie which I have sent in the from of Flour sugar and Blankets

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one hundred & fifty I have distributed about [here?] with it the [three?] Browns - fighting Browns- were clothed their wives & two children – clothed the sick men – and wounded were clothed, and some [forty?] women & children some of them had been burned out have been helped I take a receipt [xxx] each one –

Now Friend hill do you care for the Election of Fremont our trust is in God – our hope in the Northern people, and the Election of Fremont –

We have only Bukanan – men in this whole vicinity – and not one [Filemore?] man – Every vote cast in the Northern states – is to much for disp[xxx] us of our lives and property an of securing as peace and plenty.

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sometimes it seems [xxx] to throw the destiny of so many thousands of families upon one hour – you must work you must pray. over one hundred of our brethren are now confined – over ninety have committed for murder - Titus and his men are paid boarded & clothed to watch and [xxx] – on [xxx]- men to who have fought in every battle who have lived for weeks on green corn and mellons – then have camped out nights in the rain after a long march – without any food – I know all this for I have bn with them – they have [xxx] for the balance of us but they have enough for one [xxx] but unless – there is a change of Policy by our new Gov – you will soon here some news – that since men cant be executed – no – [xxx] of them cannot be – we are men yet

S N Simpson


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