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Untitled Document Lawrence Kansas – Sept 8th 1856

Hiram Hill Esq –

My Dear Friend – I have had something to do [xxx] [xxx] friends I was at the Battle of Franklin which opened this Campaign – I have – have been on the march all the time since – We are using patent [xxx] – made of Lead We are Missionaries for nearly four Millions of Constitutional heathens.

Ten days ago – and – three armies one from the South East one to start from Lecompton which was to unite with the army from the south East – on the North of Lawrence and the third – which was to cooperate with the others by comeing in onto the north side of the Kansas river [xxx] to Lawrence – [xxx] All to destroy Lawrence – Now two of the [xxx] have been scattered like chaf and the third have left the base of their opperations – and odered to – the Missouri River – The first campaign is ended – but another is under way – winter is comeing –We

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will do the fighting you must do the fueling – we can get all the provisions we want if we can have money

Our Massachusetts is doing more to keep us along than all the rest of the free states together – She is fueling us.

Write ------------- I shant sign my name – because

Your [xxx]

Sometimes I don’t see [homes?] for 3 days – I sleep just where night over takes my Company – very the Cabot Guards – Kansas will be free – She shall be free – God has written her destiny in the hearts of her inhabitance –

My Love to you all


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