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Untitled Document Wmsburgh June 18 1856

Charles Wright

Dear friend I received your Letter of April 14 was received after some delay was verry glad to hear from you and our friend. I intended then to have Written you amedially but soon after the Troubles an times commensed thare ever since I have ben Expecting Every Mail to Learn that you wer all Distroyed thare or draw out from the [xxx] the news that has reached us from Kansas Every day or two has ben truly appalling & it does seem that the reports could not be true but When I think of what I saw and hurd when I was in Missouri Last winter I do not disbelieve the Reports I Saw an account of a Mr bishop who was missing down on the Walkarusha and it was to be heard that he had ben murdered I thought from the report that it might be our friend your partner but I hope not it Cannot be that that onable Looking young man has ben murdered by those Highanys but when I Remember murder of Dow. [xxx] and Brown [xxx] the Rest of their dark deeds I feel that they are bad Enough to do anny work – their father the Devil shall have fer them to do Thare is a very grate Excitement here about the horrid transactions at Kansas and Washington it Looks as if we Should have to take the field in order to Retain our liberties that has ben struck down I think thare is a grater cause for it than thare was [last line illegible]

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Liberties all Eyes are now turned to Philadelphia to see who the people put into Nomination for our Standard barrer I hope it will be a man that all savers of freedom can unite on as that seems to be the only hope -- Short of a Bloody Revolution I Suppose you are seeing trouble Enough thare in Lawrence and the Law and order men have Distroyed your noble hotell and printing presses oh how they hate the printing press because their deeds are evil. I Learn that all Buildings in Lawrence wer pillaged Except the Cincinaty House why that was an Exception I Cannot tell Except it was on account of their ocupants – I hope tharefore you have Escaped the general pillage – you wrote you had just purchasd 60 head of cows and was Selling them out did you dispose of them before the troubles comensed thare


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