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Untitled Document Lawrence ,

Kansas 19. 1st Mo. 1861

Dear Father,

The Extremely cold and stormy weather of the past two weeks has prevented all mail and telegraphic communication with the rest of the world, so that we are almost as secluded and apart as Selkirk on his island in the sea. The Eagerness with which the arrival of the stages is waited and the universal disappointment at learning the failure of the Eastern mails and the breakage of the wires, shows the interest of all classes in the great events that are transpiring

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in the great outside world. The pendency of the Kansas Admission bill, of the Pacific Rail Road Bill in which Kansas is so much interested and the condition of affairs at the South, make this prevalent failure of intelligence peculiarly unpleasant. The weather would really have been severe in any country. Contrasted with the Cuban softness and beauty of the preceeding winter here, this arctic severity comes with a peculiarly bad grace. The snow is quite deep and the temperature below zero constantly. The stock of the country will suffer terribly. The hope of the farmers has been that with an open winter, the cattle

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could gather a precarious subsistence in the timber along the streams and upon protected Southern Slopes, but exposed to this storm without shelter and feed, they must die by thousands. Misfortunes never come unattended, and if there is any good fortune in store for Kansas, it is to be hoped that it may be near at hand.

The legislature is not doing much except discussing union resolutions, endorsing Major Anderson, and divorcing Everybody that applies for rupture of the bonds of matrimony. The numbers of applicants is immense, and Embraces Every description of people from all parts of the

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country. Boston is very well represented, and would appear to be peculiarly unfortunate in the matrimonial line.-

I suppose the secession movement makes it bad for business men, but politically, I think there can be no better time to settle the question than now. If the right of peaceable secession exists, our government is the most stupendous practical joke that was Ever perpetrated on a nation: if not, this blustering brawl of the Southern traitors and paupers may as well be stopped once for all, Even if the iron logic of the cannon of the volunteers of the north, leads to the legitimate conclusion. The militia of Kansas is being organized and I have been appointed Aid de camp to the Major General, with the rank of “Colonel” – Titles are cheap just now. I will remit the balance due on the note, with extra interest in a short time.

With regards to all at home, Truly your son,



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