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Untitled Document Sumner. Kansas.

14. Augt. 1859.

Dear Father.

Your favor of the 6th inst. reached me last Evening, just one week from home, an unusually short passage, though Even that time should be diminished at least two days. The distributing post office for the territory is now at St. Joseph instead of Independence Mo. The change having been made on the 1st of July. It ought to have been located at Leavenworth but Kansas can expect no favors from the administration.

I intended to have acknowledged the receipt of the Land Warrant & thought I did so though as my last was written in the greatest haste, it probably Escaped me. I have loaned it for $250, payable next July, and shall undoubtedly be

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able to remit you the sum necessary to cancel the note with interest when due.

In the last letter I wrote mother, a week or ten days since, I alluded to the close of the convention, and my trip to the nominating convention at Lawrence.

The Constitution is before the people, and meets with very general approbation. The democrats are taking strong ground against it, because it does not include Southern Nebraska & Pikes Peak, because it does not exclude free negroes & on account of an apportionment which cannot fail to secure a large Republican majority in the state organization. It was done by grouping counties – those largely Republican with others doubtful or democratic – in such a manner that success is a certainty. The democracy are furious about it of course and some temporizing Republicans are

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inclined to smooth the matter over by Explanations and Euphimisms. I adopt a different ground, and in a speech which I made at Atchison at a mass ratification meeting last Evening, I told them distinctly that I assisted in making the apportionment and voted for it, because I thought it was one that would win: that I was not aware of any Extreme favors or Kindness Extended to the people of Kansas in the last four years by the democratic party which warranted any very delicate consideration from the party in power today. The ruffians hooted some, but the majority Expressed approbation.

The instrument has not yet been printed for distribution, but I will forward a copy in a few days. The language, Expression and arrangement are mine, as chairman of

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the Committee for that purpose. It was submitted to an Exhaustive pressure and is about as near crystallized, I think, as language admits. The amount of superfluous matter rejected, of verbiage pruned, and [xxx] corrected, can only be understood from comparison with the original drafts as submitted by the various Committees. Its opponents confer that for accuracy of definition, conciseness of expression and terseness of language it is a model instrument. It will be voted on in October, the 4th I think, and I have appointments to speak in its defence at Mass meetings through this part of the territory once Each week till its adoption. Business is very quiet, but I manage to get along; have got a little real Estate, Some town lots, considerable territorial scrip and diverse and sundry property which may amount to something one of these days. I am glad the letters in the Journal met your approbation: they were for a recreation rather than a positive Effort. The quotation from “Smollette” if I remember rightly, can be found at the head of the “Essex Banner.” Smollette, I think.

With much regard to all at home and a wish to hear from some member of the family more frequently than I have of late.

Very Truly,

Your Son,



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