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Untitled Document Sumner Kansas

10, 6 mo. 1859

Dear Father,

Yours of the 30th came to hand last Evening. The inclemency of the weather prevented my attending the Convention at Osawottamie, and I consequently deferred my Excursion South to a more convenient season. I have been quite busy in law and politics for the last few weeks, and have not written home with that frequency which I should have done. I think I sent you, or Moms, a paper containing an announcement of my nomination as Republican

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Delegate to attend the Convention at Wyandotte in July to frame a constitution for the State of Kansas. In the County nominating Convention I received the largest majority of any candidate, and since that time have been actively Engaged in “thumping” the County. It is an old stronghold of pro-slavery democracy and I regarded the contest as a hopeless one. The battle was well fought, the opposing candidates meeting daily at some point and addressing the people with Every appeal to principle and pocket. The Election took place on Tuesday June 7th, and the Republican ticket was Elected by about one hundred majority.

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I think I must have acquitted myself well from the fact that I ran ahead of the ticket through the County. The official returns came in yesterday. I got pretty well used up physically and have been laying by Ever since.

I spoke on Monday Evening at Atchison City by the light of a roaring bonfire to a crowd of yelling miscreants, who would have been glad to have pitched me into the Missouri, I suppose, as they have done with several Republicans in the last few years. It was a wild Exciting scene, and one that I shall long remember. I entertained them about three quarters of an hour.

I am sorry to say that the democrats

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have carried Every other County on the river. The interior has not yet been heard from. The Convention will consist of Fifty Two Members, and should the democrats have a majority, Kansas may be a Slave State after all. It is strange how they could acquire the ascendancy they have, after all they have done here in the past four years. It is Estimated that there are five hundred slaves in the territory to day by virtue of the Dred Scott decision. A family recently came to this place from Kentucky with five.

The weather is very fine – strawberries and cream abundant – business dull, the only Excitement aside from politics being thunder storms and taxes.

With regard to all the family

Very truly yours I’m



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