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Untitled Document Gen’l Wm Brindell

Land Office Lecompton


You will remember that I called upon you at the Office of Receiver of Land Office to claim a Section of land on behalf of myself and children as heirs of the late John M. Armstrong of the Wyandott nation, to whom a section was granted by the treaties of March 7, 1842 and Jan 31, 1855, made by the U.S. with the Wyandott Nation or tribe of Indians. To satisfy you that I was the proper claimant, I gave you my letters of administration for my husband’s estate and certificates from Messrs. Lawrence Wyandott Commissioner, & Robinson, Indian Agent and Wyandott Commissioner, and from Wm. Walker a well known member of the Wyandott nation. In addition to those papers, I sent you by mail, soon after my arrival at home, my marriage certificate and an affidavit of my mother to more fully establish my identity as the widow of the said John M. Armstrong, and my right to transact the business pertaining to his estate. Having not heard whether you had received these latter papers and receiving information from the Commissioner

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of the Gen’l Land Office, that parts of two of the sections which I selected, were Indian lands and being requested by said Comm’s to finally designate my choice, I again wrote to you on the 15th ult. inquiring if you had received the Marriage Certificate & affidavit and also informing you of the advice of the Comm’s of Gen’l Land Office and designating section

17 Township 13 south. Range 24 E.

as my final selection and urging an immediate answer. Not having yet had an answer, and having heard with deep regret that you had been removed from the Office, I write again to inquire of you, what you have done in the premises and what you can do for me under the circumstances and to beg of you to secure for me if possible said section 17 in township 13 S. Range 24 E –

I have already gone to a great deal of trouble and expense to secure said grant, whereas I ought not to have been put to any, as the grant was made to indemnify my husband for losses he sustained by a removal from Ohio to this territory whither his nation had been urged to come by the U.S. for twenty years, and to which we came with great reluctance. There are rumors that the Shawnee lands, are soon to be, or are already in the market, and since the rapid settlement of said lands, lessens my chances every day, I am the more urgent about it – and would feel greatly obliged to you, if you would finally arrange this matter for me immediately and whatever you can or will do for me, either by doing all that can be done at the office at Lecompton or by favoring me with your advice, as to what is best for me to do, please inform me by return of mail and you will greatly oblige

Yours etc Lucy B. Armstrong


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