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Untitled Document Wyandott Jan. 11 1858

Hon. M. Bartley

Dear Sir

In consequence of the ill health of one of the Munsees chiefs and the invasions of the Missourians into their neighborhood, making it dangerous for them to leave their families they did not arrive here until lately and then one of them was sick and my own health extremely poor and it was some time before we could get the papers made out & executed.

I send herewith a Power of Attorney, an Agreement, the affidavit of C. C. Seth a Stockbridge two memorials and a certificate from the Wyandott Chiefs: The latter is not attested and I do not know that it will be of any use, but I will get another from the same source and some more from other sources and send them as soon as I can. Please have a contract drawn up and signed by yourself and Mr Mclaughlin before he goes to Washington allowing me our third of the per centage and send it to me and I will sign it. Please Have duplicates and I will send one back. Love to Mrs. B. Please let me hear from you soon

P. S. Please have Gen. McLaughlin do what he does quickly since time and speed are of the greatest importance The Munsees are dying so fast that there will soon be none left of them if we don’t get something done for them soon. If anything can be done with the claims it should be done this winter or nothing can be done. For my part I have had so much trouble and expense already that I will not try again after this sesson of Congress.

As above


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I omitted to say in the proper place that I think the statement I made to you three years ago. I made to you three years ago (of the claim of the Munsees, based on the treaty of 1805) is perhaps much clearer and stronger than the memorial I now send Perhaps you & Gen McLaughlin by comparing that statement with the memorial will be able to make a better memorial statement. Is so, and you think it necessary and that there will be time send it on and I will get it signed I regret that I was so weak mentally and physically that I could not do better Then the head chief was sick and their most intelligent men have died since they first gave us their claims and I have forgotten what they told me

The treaties to be referred to me, the Treaty made at Fort Industry July 4 1805 for the Munsees proportion of the $1000 promised by Art 4 of said Treaty. Stockbridge & Munsee Treaty of Sep 3, 1839 for emigration expenses

An amendment passed by the Senate March 1, 1849 to the Treaty of Nov. 1848 between the United States and the Stockbridges and Munsees for the claim of the twenty five thousand dollars, and the two last Treaties I have not If Gen McLaughlin go to Washington please have them sent to me as also the Treaty made at Buffalo Creek Jan. 1838 on which the Munsees base their right to lands on the Little Osage

Very Respectfully

Yours L B S


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