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Untitled Document Lawrence Kansas June 27 59

Rev T.W. Higginson

Dear Friend

Dr Doy has been convicted by a packed jury, of abducting slaves from Missouri and sentenced to Five Years in the penitentiary. His counsel have succeeded in obtaining a suspension of the sentence for two months, for the purpose of taking an appeal to the Supreme court of the state upon error. There was no evidence against him only the impression of a pro slavery man, that he had seen Doy in Missouri on the 6th of January last, it was clearly proven that he was here at that time. At the time Doy was kidnapped our people were indignant at the outrage, had a public meeting, made furious speeches, but allowed the kidnappers to remain here unmolested. Now but very little interest is manifested in his case. We are all cowards, or there would soon be a marching en masse towards St. Joe. and a smashing of doors, a release, and Doy would again walk our streets. But I fear that he will be compelled to serve out his time, and suffer a long imprisonment at Jefferson City.

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You are doubtless acquainted with all the facts of Dr Doy & sons arrest and forceable removal from the territory by a gang of kidnappers last winter. He was taken to Platt City and put in an iron box for safe keeping. The son was released by a nolle pros being entered, the father put upon trial, the disagreement of the jury, one for conviction eleven for acquital. This time a packed jury did the job effected and demanded by the slave oligarchy, and the prisoner must suffer. Such things will hasten the day of revolution redemption and disunion, and the sooner the better, old John Brown “still lives” and may his shadow never be less, but increase until it frightens the slave power out of their boots, and emancipate the slaves.

The democratic party is a power in this Territory, the indications are that it will receive a victory next fall in the elections. The Republicans will be defeated, and a democrat sent to Congress.

The Kimball family wish to be remembered.

Yours in haste

Sam F Tappan


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