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Untitled Document Lawrence Kanzas, Dec 14th 1857

Dr Gen’l

Enclosed you will find a recipt from R. Randall. It sh[ould] have seen sent sooner, but was forgotton. I presume you still bear y[ou]r honors [meekly?] and flourish as Rev Gen. or Gen Rev. as formerly. I have recently had an addition to my family in the person of a cousin Lewis Tappan, and we are now sojourning on my claim near this city. The bachelor’ retreat. Two handsome etc young ladies w[oul]d be an important addition.

Our political affairs have changed very much since you were here. Then it was a firm and manly adherence to the Topeka organization. Now it is a game of chance, a dependence upon the honesty of John Calhoun for success. Our party are advised by prominent politicians in the states including Chas Sumner and Henry Wislon to participate in the State election under the Lecompton Constitution

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Having gained the control of the Functional Legislature, it is now considered necessary to take possession of the organization wh is an offshoot from that, and wh[ich] is threatening to take its place. So our free state party run the risk of getting it, by voting under the Lecompton voting swindle.

Gov Robinson & Gen Lane are now advocating that course as the best policy at this crisis, and a Freestate Delegate convention on the 23rd inst., will doubtless so determine, and in January next you will hear of the desperate struggle of the freestate men to gain possession of John Calhoun’s government & of our defeat. For John is resolved upon success and he will doubtless [xxx] it through in spite of us.

Our voting under that constitution, will be considered an endorsement of its provisions, and submission to its enforcement will then be our duty.

The Topeka Govt is dead, murdered by its friends, who had not the manhood and

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courage to vindicate an inherent principle of right. The bold and reckless manner in wh[ich] our enemies have gone right on in the attainment of their purpose, regardless of consequences, except, final success is certainly worthy of commendation, when compared with the wavering course pursued by our own party in this contest, always fearful of taking the responsibility of vindicating their rights, but always stoping to calculate the chances of success in Washington.

The Free State Territorial Legislature is now in session at Lecompton, its proceedings thus far, have not been characterized by a bold spirit of opposition to the Calhoun swindle, and if this action is an endorsement of the whole thing, I shall not be much surprised.

Write soon
Yours truly

Sam F. Tappan

PS The Kimball family all well, and wish to be remembered.


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