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Untitled Document Westport Saterday Eve Dec 8 1855

Dear Wife

Cince Writing at Richland Which Letter I Expected to put into the mail at Liberty But was disepointed I take my pen to inform you that I arived here about noon to day after a very unpleasant Journey our Stage turned over once with Seven passengers Shut up in it and came very near turning over Several times besides had to get out once to puge our Coach out of the mut in the Dark we had two Lanterns But in turning over Smashed one So we Sent one man a head with that & we folowed on after We Traveled So for 16 miles & finely Stopt & Stayed in the Stage untill morning it So happened thare was no one hurt for Which I am glad if not thankfull – So much for my Journey here which is about 60 miles in Regard to the War, here it is imposable under the Excitment to get at any thing Like truth – I have herd more than 20 Diferent Reports in Diferent places the Report on thursday was that the Battle was to come off yesterday at nine o clock – Last Evening I Saw two young men from Lawrence they Wer pro Slavery, they Stated that thare Wer about 700 or 750 men thare and Wer all armed and that the pro Slavery men number about 2000 – But thare are men here who have Ben at

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that Say thare is not over 500 or 550 Lawrence men who are armed with 300 Sharps Rifels and the Rest with other Rifels & Shot guns they State the pro Slavery army to be about 1200 to 1300 men they have Seven Cannon with other arms Such as Rifles guns &c

The Report this Evening is that thare has Ben a Compromise made and that thare Will be no Battle – how true this is I Cannot tell But I hope it will prove true

Sabbath 3 o Clock I have Spent this day in my Room princapely I have a fire to Set by – it does not Seem much Like Sabbath here people are traveling and Drinking and Swearing and a party are firing pistols not more than 40 feet from me – When I Look around & See What is going on here the [xxx] comes up is thare ben Richeous here to save this Wicked place – thare is no News from the Seat of War Cince Last Eve & no men Returning the general opinion is that things are not Settled yet if they had ben the Soldiers would be on thair Return before this – the wether cleared off Cold Last Knight and the ground has froase up –

7 O Clock Sabbath Eve thare has Some men Just come from Seat War they Say that the dificulties are Settled the free State men have agreed to obay the Laws of the teretory as Long as they are Laws – and give up thair arms to the govenor if he insists upon it they Say that thare Was about 25 hundred pro Slavery men With 7 Canon the free State men Wer about 7 Hundred – this all is one syded Testimony

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the Report also is that the president has given the govener orders to take the goverment troops to help put down the free State Men another Report is that they have arested Judge Johnson Who Left Lexington Sabbath morning With Mr Whitney they have arested General pomroy and few other men and that pomeroy has got away from them & that he is now at Lawrence –

how it is I Cannot tell one thing is Certain thare is grate Excitment here the pro Slavery men Sware thare Shall not be Left one Stem upper another at Lawrence that power Who Controlls all Events – can controll this Wild confusion –

Cince Wrighting the above thare has a Report come in that thave had a fight and that 60 pro Slavery Men have Ben Killed & Wounded – But I think this is got up fer the purpos of getting out Men to help over an the Lawrence people So that they will come in & Sue for peace But I think I Shall find out Something about this affair up thare in the Corse of a day or two – if they are a fighting up thare I Shall Start fer home the first of next week – Wheather they or not I think I Shall Start fer home in corse of next Week

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Sabbath Eve Dec 9 1855

I have Just had news from the Camp and the War has come to a close as stated on the other Sheet of paper I am Hartely glad if not thankfull, I Expect to Leave this place tomorow morning fer Lavenworth City I am in hopes to be in Lawrence day after tomorow I then Shall hear the other Syde of the Story – I understand thare Was one man Shot thursday Evening at Lawrence he Was going out to his family that Lived out of the City – the proslavery gard Shot him – I Cannot tell Certainly Now When I Shall be in Mansfield But think I Shall not Stop a grate While at Lawrence if I Should alter my mind I Will inform you as Soon as posable – My health has very much improved I have got so that I can Eat Without it hurting me the Cold in my head is Working off – I Want to hear from you very much I am in hopes to here Something When I get to Lawrence – I dont Love to think But What you and Auther are Well and injoying your Selves Write Smart as they Say here – if do not conclude to Stop Long at Lawrence I Shall not Wright again -- again I Say Remember me to All our friends

yours Ever

H. Hill


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