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Untitled Document Weston –

Sabbath Dec 9 – 3 O Clock being disapointed in not getting my Letter into the mail Which goes very irregular I will add to What I have before Written a few Lines – I arived here yesterday after a good deal of trouble it is 60 Miles from Richmond our Stage got Stuck in the mud once We had to get out and on Load about 18 hundred of mail Baggs & Eight passengers in the dark after getting out We went on a few miles & upSet – But no one was Seariousley hurt – we on loaded again & got Rited up and had one Lantern Left so we Sent one man on a head with it in the Rain – We got 14 miles to the first Stopping place & Stopt fer the Knight – and Started as soon as Light & got here as above –

The Report Was here Last Eve that the two armies out in the teretory had made a compromise – But up to this hour thare has no men Returned from the Seat of War So that the general opinion is that they have not Settled the matter yet – I am only 47 miles from Lawrence I thought I Should be able to here Something Defenatley from thare But I Cannot as yet – this Eve may bring Some News the wether has turned off Cold ground has froze up the Coldest Knight of the Season as Reported

Sabbath Eve Dec 9 – 8 O clock. Thare has some men just come in from the War camp they Say the Dificulties are Settled the free State men have agreed to give up their arms and Submit to the Missouri Goverment and Keep the peace – I have only herd one Syde of the Story I am glad thare is to be no fiting thare was

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one Man Shot at Lawrence by the pro Slavery men or thair gard – he Was a going out of the City to his family Who Lived a Little out of the City – these men Say thare Was about 25 hundred pro Slavery Men almost all from Miseraury all armed to the teeth with 7 Cannon they Say the free State men numbered about 7 Hundred to one thousand These Statements are all on one Syde So you will have to Wate untill I get out to Lawrence Which I think will be about day after tomorrow to here the other Syde of the Story I am glad if not thankfull that they did not get a fiting .----

I Want to hear from you and all the Rest of our friends very much I am in hopes to hear Something When I get to Lawrence – I think now that I Shall not Stay in the teretory Long but it Will be Sometime before I can Reach home as I Shall have to Stage it to St Lewis Which will take five or Six days & it is So Cold that thare will be no more Boats running – I dread that part of my Journey I think I Shall never go to Kansas again in the Winter if I have got to Stage it What is before me is in the future I Shall get Through it all and get home again and find you and your family all improved in health and all the Rest of our friends I often think of Russel going up to my Barn this Cold Winter to tend my cattle if his health Should fail – good By H Hill


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