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Untitled Document Lexiton Misesoury Saterday Nov 31/55

Dear Wife I arived here this afternoon We Started from St Lewis Monday Eve and arived at Hills Landing So Called about 25 Miles from here Whare we had to disembark on account of Low Water we could get no farther we had over two Hundred passengers all had to put of and get teams to this place we arived here about 2 o clock. What was our Suprise on getting here to Learn that thare is a War going on in Kansas and the inhabitants are going from her up thare in Large parties all armed to the teeth What the Result is To bee god only Knows one thing is pretty Shure that Blood has ben Spilt and thare is a very Grate Excitment – What I Shall do I have not decided upon – My health has ben Rather poor Ever cince I Left St. Lewis the Second day after I Started from that place I have ben Troubled with a diareah I could not Stop it untill yesterday I did almost conclude to Return When the Boat concluded to Return But feeling So much Better this Morning I concluded to go Through had I Known What I now Know I Should have Returned I think now I Shall

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go to fort Independence or Kansas City Wate the Movements of the waters – if My health is no worse Mr Whitney will continue his Journey to Lawrence with Judge Johnson if he can get thare the Excitement is So grate that its imposable to tell What the Real State of things are thare – Give yourself no unesiness about Me for you Cannot help me it is god that has the harts of all in his hands he Controlls the affairs of men We may trye to Comitt ourselves With all our Concerns into his hands

Remember me to all our friends Kiss Auther fer me & tell him to be a good Boy
afectionally yours
Hiram Hill


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