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Untitled Document Nebraska City
Nov 19, 56
Dear Higginson

I answered your letter of the 26 oct’ but in part owing to want of time. I have copied my account since yesterday on a box and as best I could half frozen and half burned while doing so. It pains me to have you beg me to report to the towns I rec’d money from. I wish you could better understand me. You do not need to beg for anything in reason from me, ‘Ask and it shall be given, if in my power.

I herewith send the report referred to. You will readily perceive sufficient reason for my deferring it until I

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could accompany it myself or send it by someone who will give any Explanation desired, besides I do not know who to send a report to in Paxton, Holden or Harvard. I have written to Mr. Nightingale of Groton & Newell of Littleton and requested Mr N to see Dr Thompson & Mr Kimball of Lancaster. Again I kept my receipts as I have sent them to you, and my expences as you see. Now how shall I send separate reports to each town. Should I divide my expences to balance each town, and how of my own $2.00 pr day while collecting, as also my expences during the time. My delay was not

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occasioned by carelessness or any wrong motive, but from a motive to protect myself from misunderstanding, which I find is the prolific source of 9/10 of the distrust I am well aware is existing toward me. I am glad you asked for the report, I have been anxious to send to the towns but could see no way to do so until I received your letter, which invites me to send it to you, with the request that you will use it as the cause requires. I know you will understand enough to give all needed explanation. You will find one item of 100$ to O C Brown which you will need to have explained

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You have doubtless heard of the hero of Osawatomie, the scourge of the Ruffians and terror of their accomplices, of his having his house destroyed and all his effects stolen or sacrificed at the destruction of his place. He drew a draft of 100$ on a N Y house, the proprietor, “Burgess” died, before the draft was presented for payment. It came to me and rather than have it sent back to him I cashed it and have it now. I regard it worth nothing so far as Burgess is concerned and cannot think of asking Brown to pay it, and design giving it to him when I see him. If you know him and his noble sacrifices you will heartily approve of my course.

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I am ashamed to say I do not know who to send to in Harvard, our noble grand juryman, when we were found guilty of MURDER in Boston is the man but o the name, I cannot bring it to mind Give him my hearty “God bless you.” How I would like to visit and give in person my reports to Mr Nightingale of Groton, Mr Kimball & Dr Thompson of Lancaster, Mr Newell of Littleton and the Grand Juryman of Harvard. But here I am, in a log cabin with a Buffalo [hanging?] up on the otherwise open north side of the house

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trembling from the cold. I sold our oxen yesterday for 75$. Oxen of equal calibr are selling from 60$ up. I think I got a good price for them. You say you wish you knew how many are with me. I think I wrote you, that most of them are at work. I feel some responsibility for the two Harts, Switzer, Babb, Bower, Nye, Knight, Stewad, Fisher, Fessender Cory and a trifle for myself

I am told Dunning and Bliss are trying to get our team in some way. I will do whatever is thought best with it. It has not been able to do scarcely anything one horse is now sick & poor

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I think with proper care it will be well again before long. I think it ought to be kept for the cause untill this question is settled

Some of the boys tell me Dunning finds it rather hard to raise money enough to buy whiskey with. Aught I to give him and Bliss money! Dunning asks me for some every time I see him, though he told you he had left the company. But I think if he & Bliss must board at the hotel while the rest of us are trying to help pay our way he must get his means of support from some other hand than mine. Most of the boys are now at work I cannot tell how long they can get it I will help them all I can while here.

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I like to have again forgotton to tell you about the little pistol. I did not know who it was for & as there was no moulds or primers, I concluded it was sent by some friend for the cause and after getting it cleaned, for it was nearly spoiled with rust, sold it to Fisher of our party for 8$, and credited the amount as you will see when I report again. I believe this covers nearly all your requests, if not it does nearly two sheets of paper; and as I am trembling with cold I decline writing more now if ten thousand misunderstandings are the consequence

Truly & faithfully

Yours for free Kanzas

M Stowell


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