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Untitled Document Virginia Cass Co. Ill., Sept 27/56

Dear Friend Higginson

I hope you will pardon me for my negligence, I intended to have written to you before, Doubtless long ere this will reach you, you have heard all about our affairs in Kansas and of the suffering of those unfortunate one who were driven out of their homes at the point of the bayonet by an infuriated mob, I have been an eye witness to many of the outrages and wrongs perpetrated on the person and property of the peaceable inhabitants of the Territory by band of lawless ruffians who were guilty of no other crime but that of entertaining sentiments in favor of freedom in Kansas.

Language is too feeble to give you an idea of the scene that took place at Leavenworth city on the 1st & 2nd days of Sept. inst., The first of Sept. was the day of the Municipal election

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For 3 or 4 days previous, the Southerners & “border ruffians” came into the city in order to vote and prevent the free state men from voting, Had it been left to the actual citizens to decide it was the opinion of all that the freestate candidates would have been elected but there was but one free state ticket deposited in the ballot box and the man who deposited that was shot at 4 times but not killed.

The driving out process began on Sunday Aug. 31st and continued till every free state man was driven out of the city excepting 3 or 4 who took up arms with the mob, I saw the body of Mr Hops and also his scalp when it was brought in by Fugert, the murderer.

Little did I thought when you sent for our tickets to Boston that we should be driven out of our little house and home by mob violence

We are now thrown upon the charity of a cold world and winter is coming upon us soon, we have

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suffered from hunger since we left the Territory, My wife and child have been sick by being exposed in coming down the Missouri river, but are now recovering, I am now looking for a school to teach this winter

You have probably seen my statement in the N.Y. Tribune So that I need not repeat, how we were forced on board the boat with hardly anything but what we stood in, and the last cent I had went to pay for our passage down to St. Louis, after remaining at St. Louis 6 or 8 days in a suffering condition, we went up to Alton Ill, where our wants in some degree were alleviated through the kindness of the Rev. Mr.Haley & others but there were so many of those who have suffered in Kansas coming upon them that they could not do that which they wished to do. – I intend to go back to Kansas as soon as I can earn money enough to carry myself and family there, I hope I shall succeed in getting a school soon, else I do not know what we shall do,

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Had we the means we would either go back to Kansas immediately or come to my brother in law in Mass. at Manchang village, rather than to stay here among entire strangers Had I ever thought that we would have to come to this I would have staid in Mass. or R.I. when I was there, I shall stay a few days longer at Alton, if you desire to know anything more of the particulars concerning the murder of Phillips and the other outrages committed on the person and the property of the free State people at Leavenworth I shall be happy to communicate with you as I was an eye witness to the whole,

Yours very respectfully

J.A. Davies

Alton Ill.


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