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Lawrence, Aug. 27. 1855

Dear Sir

Your very welcome letter of the 10th is rec’d - I need not tell you that such letters do us very much good. It is our purpose to so conduct in this trying time as to meet the approval of the whole North & all good men, & it is very gratifying to know that leading men in the East appreciate our position & sympathize with us in our struggle.

You wish to know “how we feel about the issue,” etc. For myself I cannot predict the result, yet I have strong faith that it will be in favor of freedom, if not immediately for Kansas, for the whole country. I am not in the habit of looking upon this struggle as a local one, & confined to Kansas, but I regard it as one in which the whole nation is involved, & hence I feel not a little anxiety that public sentiment in the North shall be such that when we strike the first blow, should we be compelled to, that moment will be seized to give slavery its death blow in our country.

“Do we expect reinforcements when the crisis comes?” I can only say we hope for them, but we have nothing but the justice of our cause & a few resolutions of northern men, passed at public meetings, to base that hope upon. We have nothing definite or tangible on which to rely, yet I believe a goodly number of our people are prepared to strike, single handed & alone, trusting to the God of justice & the responding of the North for their defense.

“What do we wish you to do?” The state of the case

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as I view it is this: We have taken the position that the so-called legislature of K. is no legislature, & consequently the collision will come upon that issue. Now if the Genl. Govt. will let us alone we can with such aid as we hope for from the North make a very respectable demonstration, & perhaps make the whole code of Mo. in Kansas a dead letter, to say the least. If then the North will make such demonstrations against this infamous body, & their more infamous laws, if possible, as to frighten the administration into inaction, to say the least, they will afford the cause & us very essential service. You are right in my judgement in supposing that the “boldest game is now the best”. If we can make the South believe that the North is ready to shiver the union or anything else to atoms sooner than yield another inch to Slavery, the victory is ours, & it will be a bloodless victory too, but if they think we are only half in earnest, & are only using the Slavery question for the purpose of making Presidents & the like, then blood must flow or we in Kansas must succumb.

Our Chief Justice has given a long opinion in favor of the validity of the body of men at the Shawnee School, & ex-governor Reeder has reviewed it. It gives us great strength to have the governor thus sideing with us against the legality their proceedings. We shall have an election of Delegate to Congress independent of the legislature, & if Gov.Reeder will permit we shall send him. Of course our man will not be allowed his seat unless the House sets this Legislature aside, but we are quite confident if Mr. Reeder goes there & exposes their doings as he can he will be allowed his seat.

The Sheriff & prosecuting atty. for this County, elected by

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our so called Legislature, live in Westport Mo. & make no pretensions to citizenship in Kansas. Think of it.

You will see some of their [cases?] in the Herald of Freedom. Comment is unnecessary.

Very Truly Yours

In the great work of Human Freedom

C. Robinson


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