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Untitled Document Lawrence K. T. Jan 6th 1855

Articles of agreement between Hiram Hill of Williamsburgh Ms on the one part & Thaddeus L Whitney of Lawrence on the other part

I Thaddeus L Whitney agree to build the following described dwelling house for the said Hill above described. The Building is to be sixteen feet by twenty-six on the ground. The wall to be concrete one foot in thickness twelve feet high from top to bottom. The roof to be put on top of that with one third pitch & shingled. The outside to be finished similar to the house occupied by said Whitney. The inside to be finished similar or according to plan annexed. Eight windows, eight by twelve. Two outside doors to be black Walnut with glass in each. Five inside Pine doors. Chamber & Cellar stairs a bed room and cloth press as marked on plan. Pantry and sink as marked on plan. A brick chimney from chamber floor out as marked on plan. The first story to be lathed & plastered & finished in a good workman like manner. The cellar to be under the east and to be thirteen by sixteen feet, six feet and a half high in the clear wall to be built sixteen inches thick and pointed and a trench well under the remainder of this to be eighteen inches deep. over

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The first [flower] to be double, Lap floor oak and jointed, lined with ½ inch Cotton Wood, The chamber floor oak or linn one thickness jointed & put down tight. Fourteen joist two by eight for lower floor to be oak, fourteen two by seven to be of oak or linn also two three by seven for upper floor to be oak or lynn. All joist to be well bridged, twenty-four rafters to be oak or linn. Twelve cellar [xxx] one & one half inches by six inches wide six feet long, one small cellar window put in the cellar wall. All to be done in a good workmanlike manner, and to be completed by the first of May next, all cleaned and ready to rent.

And I said Hill agree to pay said Whitney for building said house all complete as agreed above five hundred dollars in the following manner. One hundred and twenty five of Mrs Herd & Miss Hall Two hundred down in cash. The balance on completion of the house by draft for same. I said Hill also am to relinquish to said Whitney all my right title and interest to a certain lot of tools Guns and well apparatus together with Black walnut for window frames. Also to a certain note held in [xxx] against James Smith of Lawrence.

[xxx] I said Whitney in the further consideration of forty dollars agree to make a basement under the above described house fourteen feet square seven feet deep with one outside door of Black Walnut one cellar door to be black Walnut cleeted, With two windows 7 x 9 a brick wall to be put between Basement and cellar. The cellar to occupy 1/5 remainder under the house. Walls of basement to be plastered

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Lawrence K. T. January 7 1855 then completed the foregoing instrument and Delivered the same in presence of

S N Simpson
Hiram Hill
Thaddeus L. Whitney


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