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Manhattan July 14 th 1856

Dear Father

I recd your letter, dated June 15 th, on the 11 th of July. I had not heard of Aunt Sally’s having a daughter nor of Aunt Eliza having one. George is getting along pretty fast I think to be groomsman for the Scotch girl. Frost left this place long ago. I wish you would write and tell me how the 4 th passed off at Topeka. We have a good Hotel here at Manhattan. I think this is the best sight for a town I’ve seen in the Territory and it is bound to be a place. I think you would do very well to come up and see this place and if you have any money to invest you could not do any better with it than to buy stock and put up one or two small buildings here to rent. I wish you’d come up and see Manhattan. I know you’ll like it & can do well here. I get twelve Dollars a month and my board and like my situation very well. I traded ponies with E. Hunting. I gave him the sorel I rode up here which was at least 7 or 8 years old and pretty poor, for his pony

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a good little bay about 3 years old, and got his note for $35.00 payable 60 days after date, (date June 25 th) to boot. A few days afterwards I sold the bay for $40.00 in cash. I may buy some town stock in Manhattan or I may buy the prettiest and best pony in this part of the Territory or I my keep the money. We had a picknick here on the fourt and had a good time. Tell Frank to write to me and tell me all the news. I recd the letter he sent to me from Grandma & Aunt Ellie. Mr Anderson intends leaving here tomorrow for Topeka I guess he’ll deliver this to you. Manhattan is situated on a high bottom like Pawnee and is surrounded by bluffs on two sides and is bounded on the other two sides by the Big Blue & Kansas rivers like Easton is by the Lehigh and Delaware. There are 1280 acres in the town site. I hope Frank made a good grade of Ponies. Tell him if he only gets $4.00 a month and board, at Allen’s and Gordon’s he don’t get half enough I get 3 times that and go riding on horseback considerable (on business & collecting) I don’t

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know how soon I will be down to Topeka again, perhaps in two or three weeks I can’t tell I would have started for Lawrence on Saturday but thing turned out so there was no necessity for going. Mr Ira Taylor got here with his wife and baby this morning He left here for Parkville about ten days ago. His wife & child were staying in Parkville Mo. Eliot Taylor, Ira’s brother has been here about three weeks. They are not going to keep Store in Kansas any longer business is to dull there. They are going to haul all their goods up here. We will soon have a Ferry Boat across the Kansas here which will make the route from here to Topeka about 15 miles shorter than the military rode on this side of the Kansas river. Please write soon or come up and see Manhattan.

From you son

Jesse. H. Crane

To Dr. F. L. Crane





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