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Untitled Document Council Chamber
Sunday Feb. 6th 1859

Dear Mary - Your second letter came to hand a day or two since. I have had no time to answer it until to day. I was glad to learn that you and Lillie were well and enjoying yourselves so much.

My own health is pretty good, although I am suffering somewhat from a cold, damp rooms and hard work. We have done a vast deal of labor this session; More, I venture to say, than ever a similar body performed in the same length of time.

We are about completing up our work and it is well that it is so, for next Friday the Assembly adjourns by limitations. You had consequently better address me hereafter at Topeka. I still send you daily the Lawrence Republican, and hope you regularly receive it; as it will give you a full report of the proceedings of the Legislature, as well as matters and things in general.

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Last night there was a grand Festival at the Eldridge House. Speeches, Toasts &c. I was not present although one of the Committee of arrangements. The reason I was not present is because you were not there. There has been more trouble since I wrote you last, almost wholly in the negro line, and amounts to little or nothing. John Doy & Son of this place were going to Nebraska with 15 runaway slaves and were overtaken and carried into Missouri, and are now at Weston awaiting their trial. “Old John Brown” was also running off with some 15 or 20 more when Dr. Woods of Lecompton and a number of others took after him, but failed to catch him. The troubles in the South part of the Territory seem to have ceased. At Leavenworth a negro named “Charley Fisher” was stolen and taken into Mo. He afterwards escaped, and returned to Leavenworth. He was then arrested as a Fugitive slave and while guarded as such, the door of his room was broken open, his

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keepers knocked down, and he carried off to Nebraska or elsewhere as no word has been received concerning him since.

I have not been up to Topeka since I came down. But I hear from there frequently, and learn that everything is going off well –

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that yesterday in half a minutes time a bill was introduced into the Council & passed clear through under a suspension of rules, divorcing Josephine Branscomb from the man she married 6 or 8 months ago - It then went to the House of Representatives, and with equal dispatch, and no discussion went through there. In all there was not exceeding 15 or 20 minutes in making Miss Branscomb a single woman. It only wants the signature of the Governor to become a law; and this it will doubtless receive

The Constitutional Convention is to be held at Wyandott in July

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next. I tried all I could to get it at Topeka, but hadent strength enough - Winants has been here all week He wanted me to recommend him to the Gov. for Probate Judge in place of Hoagland – and got very angry because I would not do so - He then went off and got drunk and Patrick had to put him to bed at ten oclock in the morning –

I don’t think of anything else just now - so good by - Kiss Lillie for me – and tell her Pa wants to see her very much – as well as yourself

Yours as ever

C K Holliday


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