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Untitled Document Monrovia, Atchison Co. K. T.
Tues. June 26th 1860

Brethren of the Osawattomie B. S.

Having returned to the Ter’y & found here a shelter for myself & my young Campbells, I hasten to inquire after the present condition among you of the Bible work.

I hope you have got yr Books, -- have Districted & [xxx] Districted yr Field, somewhat after the pattern showed you in the within Circular, -- and appointed colporters thro’out yr bounds, each for a small & definite portion of the Field, & thus brought each man aiding in the work to see 1st what is expected of him & 2dly that the work is practicable. He will thus be encouraged to try it, & then he will find (3dly) that it pays as Bro Blood of Manhattan expressed it when reporting at the Anniversary Meeting his toils & tramps & triumphs on Fancy Creek in Riley Co. “Brethren, It pays,” said he. With all its hardships It pays, & I’ll go again, if you wish me. Similar is the testimony of two good sisters in Topeka. How many have you found willing to trust God? – ready to take the Great Husband we are at his word, He that reapeth receivith wages, and to wait for his wages until the work is done? Eye hath not seen nor ear heard neither have entered into the heart of man the things that God hath prepared for them that so trust him & so work in his moral husbandry. For not one job or [xxx] of his word

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shall fail till all be accomplished. Every man has a place in this accomplishment. Blessed is he that has a willing, a working a submissive & confiding place in it.

Colportage now in its infancy & feebleness is yet to grow & spread as we get the workers trained & their numbers increased, until it shall prove the mighty power of God into salvation to the ends of the earth.

But I have not time now, if you had patience, for preaching. To my inquiries then. And

1. Please tell me what has been done 1st in distributing Books; 2dly in extending the Subscription; 3dly in collecting money by sales, collections of Subn & by gift. & 4thly in remittance to N. Y. towards paying for yr books
2. What Amt of Books came to you?
3. What were the charges on them? & did F. Conant Store & forward them gratis?
4. Has Distribution so exhausted y r stock that you need a new supply of any kind?
5. Do you still keep up the monthly meeting? When we can once get [simply?] dogged Christian resolution enough in the Committee to keep up this meeting; & can get a little band of devout & faithful colporters at work & at making monthly reports of their work to the Comtee, then will the people begin to come out, & then will the Bible Society Prayer Meetings begin to be the prayer meeting of the Church.
6. Has anything been done towards organizing a society or even starting distribution at Stanton? I expect to spend July in a trip to Holton, Indianola, Topeka, Auburn & Burlingame & back. For Aug my route is not yet planned. But if not sent to the Peak it will probably be thro the western border counties, & afterwards around yr way. Let whatever I can do by pen or post (with circulars) or in person is at yr service. Write soon.

Yrs truly

M. M. Campbell, My A. B. Society.

P.S. I send you also a copy of the Commission & Instructions I give my own Colporters, when want of a local Society or its inaction forces me to hunt up & commission them. Use it, refuse it or amend it as you see fit. But every Colporter not instructed by meeting frequently with the committee will feel his need of some such thing. He will also do more work & do it better. -- But more anon when I hear from you.


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