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Untitled Document Philada 27 Church Alley
Aug 29. 1856 –

C K Holliday Esq
Topeka. K. T. –

My dear Sir –

Yours of 24th inst dated Meadville, with various papers detailing your labors came duly to hand, for the remembrance please accept warm thanks – That yours and Gov Roberts’s efforts have been “productive of very great good to the cause” we have abundant evidence from many various sources – and I can readily understand that evidence to that effect, should be made apparent to yourselves, to return you in your present field of labor – when Kansas is in such sore need - I still believe you are now striking a more effective blow for her deliverance, than you could, were you in the heart of the contest - The blows you are not bestowing, strike home to the heart of the evil – they reach direct to Washington – in Kansas you would lop at the branches you now are at work on the roots - The words you now speak yield not their full harvest in the coming election – success in placing Fremont in the presidential chair will be a great reward for all our effort for, as you so well express it) “it will be a triumph of truth and righteousness, over wickedness and error” - - As Revolutions never go backward – the fruits of your labors will bear fruit long after I C Fremont leaves the White house - You are placing before the minds of our people the culmination, the fruiting of that poison and Upas beneath whose shade our liberties have decayed - In depicting the woes of Kansas, you only show the unavoidable results of free institutions based on the enslavement of labor, our people are awaking to the fact, that slavery an freedom can not exist peaceably side by side - one or the other must yield - The laws of a wise good God will compell us to strike the manacles from the African, to save ourselves from enslavement. We may dodge the question, as we please – fate is logical, and we cannot escape the consequences - The struggle has only commenced on the far of plains of Kansas, and it is plain to me it must go on untill Slavery or freedom

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reign supreme over all this fair continent – you are now a most efficient instrument in the cause of right, you may not fully accept all the necessities of the contest, it matters not every blow you strike, is forever, because it is for righteousness - We are gaining ground North and South, the goodness of our cause is most efficiently aided by the blind folly of our antagonists. – They strike in blind madness, at friends and foe, as many are driven from them, by their violence, as are won to us by our forbearance and kindness - In very bravado, they outrage every sentiment held sacred by the human heart, they bemoan our manhood, and wounded pride turns at bay; they prostitute religion to the sanctification of Sin – and the prayers of all good men rise against them - They have made our country, and our glorious principle of self government a hissing and a scorn among the nations of the globe. – They have proved that a despotism, worse than Austrian possible, and the bold hearts of all patriots, are impelling strong armed hands, to pull down the blood poluted image of slavery which they have sett upon the Alters dedicated to human freedom –

All this so threatening to them, So hopefull to us. – should urge us on to the completion of their overthrow – yes my friend, nothing short of their total overthrow can yield us peace – we may win a victory in the presidential contest or in the Kansas struggle, but I would wish that victory so complete that no future sectional contest were possible, no future Kansas to plague our children - And how is this to be effected. I cannot of course presume to direct the storm and say where it is to weigh heaviest, sufficient for me is it that the storm exists, and the belief that the national heart will be purified, and renovated The lofty ones of earth, may be thunder blasted, but I feel secure that the lowlier growths, the humbler virtues will be strengthened. I could hope the masses of the south might awaken to the true relation existing between them and the enslaved, and then, willing to cooperate in the great work, a peacefull solution were possible -,- But all this time, what becomes of those brave noble souls battling for freedom on

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Kansas - here my patience gives out – thinking of them, my philosophy fails, and I would make haste to save them, whilst we await, in peace they are sacraficed – I cannot quietly submit to make the lives of those noble men, a mere political element; I am not willing to play the presidential game, with such hearts as dice – They by nobly dareing, and at the proper moment striking home, may cut the knot, and a name enduring in our history; or by wrong and outrage they may be goaded on to act unwisely but bravely, and sink under overwhelming odds – in either case I cannot patiently hear heartless politicians cooly calculate the bearing of their victory or defeat; and all the unnumbered woes attendent on either on the prospects of the election - The spirit you are arrousing is more decisive of the future of Kansas, than presidential elections, or present victories or defeats on that distant field - That future is assured it must of necessity be free – the spirit of slavery is to essentially cowardly to ever to enjoy the fruits of the victory, even should red handed violence now triumph – it can never find repose on a land, whose soil is
reeking with the blood of true hearted patriots – who have died resisting its inroads, God forgive that love of ease, that fear of bodily harm, that keeps me distant from the contest – my little ones, my wife and children tug so at my heart strings that I consent by inactivity to the foul wrong – I know Kansas will be ultimately free. I would have her so without the monstrous sacrafice, which how seems imminent –

In Philada the cause is progressing hopefully – and as the Southern trade is nearly over the western setting in we may hope the subservincy of our mercantile classes will be abated. The dough of this city, is of a somewhat firmer texture – and I believe in very many instances quite a crust has been baked upon it - The hopelessness of Fillmores prospects tends to simplify party movements and his adherents are ranging themselves under the Pro- and anti-slavery banners – the aged conservative under the former, the young and progressive with the latter - The more rabid and invenomed supporters of Filmore – are so evidently working to divide the opposition, thereby giving the state to Buchanan – that, the masses who hold the defeat of the administration of primary importance

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are daily giving in their adhesion – to the Fremont movement - The dead lock on the army appropriation bill is working us great benefit the position of our friends in the house is so clearly right and the position of the senate so untenable, that the people are now enquiring into the subject with a renewed interest – and the affairs of Kansas have acquired increased importance - The democracy are disarmed of their favorite mode of warfare, simply denying that there is any disturbance there - You have doubtless noticed that Cameron, presided at Burlingames meeting at Harrisburg, he has donned his war harness and goes into the work with a relish - Burlingame is staying with us in our quiet country home, radiating off to the various meetings got up for him in the neighborhood, he draws largely, of all class and seems to be viewed somewhat in the light of a champion of free speech, and an asserter of northern pluck. This predisposes the hearts of the people to receive his counsels and he is fortunately, abundantly able to improve his opportunities. Sumner is still at Cresson, slowly improving, though not so, as to enable him to go to Washington, and strike that blow, he has so set his heart upon. Our committee met on Thursday, when a thorough canvass of the state was made. The result confirmed, us in the opinion, that with proper effort we can carry this state - The formation of an Electoral ticket was deferred to the middle of Sept - We wrote a letter to our friends in the house asking them to stand to the proviso - has it occurred to you, that this whole affair is a ruse of the administration to return our speakers in Washington, thus keeping from the people those witnesses so abundantly able to testify to the aggressive course of the slave power -- The party in power do not desire agitation – they can well afford to keep their speakers at home - Cobb tried his hand in the north, and they found it would not pay - Pray remember me to Gov Roberts with kindest regards - and may God prosper the good work you are engaged in. I have felt a concern that your zeal might lead you to overtask yourself, speaking twice a day is too much, remember Kansas, and your family have need of a strong man. God bless you. –

Wm Morris Davis


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