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Untitled Document Kansas Experience of William Beh

My age is 25 years. I am a Free State Man. Am a Native of New York State. Came to Kansas in May 1856. I settled directly upon my arrival on the South Fork of Pottowatomie Creek. Had a yoke of oxen & some money when I first settled my claim. i.e. after paying about $180 for it. Have been employed the past summer in the defence of the Creek. Belonged to Capt Anderson’s Company. Was at the Middle Creek fight & have been engaged in nearly all of the marches that Capt Andersons Company made during the Summer. I have raised in what time I could spare 4 ½ acres of corn & potatoes. This is all that I have been able to accomplish toward a support for the winter.

I have one yoke of oxen. I am a single man. I would like some assistance in the line of Provisions & clothing.

I have a small cabin on my Claim. I live by myself & need some bedding. I was unwell so that I could not harvest my corn & potatoes, in season & therefore lost much of my crop by Frost & encroachments from Cattle. I have been unable to work now for 3 or 4 months excepting to save a little fodder for my cattle. I had when I came to Kansas $280. This I have used in paying for my Claim & in supporting myself during the Summer. I am now entirely destitute of money.

I live on the South prong of Pottowatomie Creek


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