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Untitled Document Journal of Investigations in Kansas Nov 28th 1856
Testimony of S. H. Moore.

I reside at Ottawa 15 ½ miles S of Lawrence. The Census of Septr showed 131 votes & now there are 100 more. I suppose there are 150 families. Each family having a claim of 160 acres. Not many springs but we get splendid water digging from 15 to 30 ft deep. The mould is from one to 4 ft deep, yellow clay underlies the mould. The clay is from 2 to 4 ft thick. Good sand fit for mortar is under the clay. And there is abundance of good brick clay. We have abundance of lime stone that makes good lime. Bituminous coal is also found in this region. We can raise sod corn from 30 to 40. 40 if put in with the axe. In some instances 60 bushels have been obtained. The 2d year from 75 to 100 to the acre. The claims are being rapidly taken up. There were 6 taken up yesterday. All by free states men. There were 3 Pro Slavery men at the time of the census. All the last 100 are Free State. Not more than 1/3 of the 131 settlers raised corn. the last settler came in too late. The average crops the settler who planted was from 25 to 40 bushels to the acre. This fall a portion of the corn was killed by the “chince bug.” All that was raised was saved. The U. S. Troops did rob us & we notified them to leave. The ruffains robbed Wiley Jones Methodist preacher circuit rider on the head of Ottawa Creek right on the Santa Fe road breaking into his house when he was absent taking about 100 dollars worth of things, wife’s jewelry etc. & took his horse. They robbed Elder Still (Methodist) presiding Elder in this district who lives just adjoining Prarie City at the head of the Ottawa. took his bedding destroyed his saddle bags etc. A. B. Gillan blacksmith has a claim, Robbed of a horse. [xxx] W. Graham about 40 yrs of age robbed by Milton McGee of a horse & shot twice, 1st at Black Jack battle when a prisoner when Pates men were defeated& ran in to kill the prisoners shot in the rump as he was running, one ball running along his spine & passing off & the other remaining still in his hip. The other wound was at the battle of Prarie Creek about 25th August, shot

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in the cheek & ear splitting his cheek runing along the jaw bone without breaking it. No one to put a plaster on he had to lay out a week or two. The wound has healed up open & badly

I. S. Scott farmer lives on the middle branch of the Ottawa but 1 ½ mile from Prarie City. wounded at Titus’ 3 balls all taken out by himself. [xxx} well of his wound. I. D. Hope an old gentleman about 45 (because an old bachelor) lives on the claim adjoining Scotts. Robbed of the mare worth $150.00 & colt. a splendid man. he is as poor now as he can be. he is a man above begging. Has two yoke of cattle & one wagon & a yearling heifer. Claim of 160 acres. raised this past season about 15 acres of sod corn & a few potatoes. Don’t think he has any money. Every day clothes about run out but his Sunday Suit. Has a clever round log cabin. an ingenious man. Capt. S. T. Shores lives on middle fork Ottawa abut 2 miles from Prairie City. house broken open & spoons & little notions stolen. His brother Montgomery Shores on adjoining claim. robbed of pillows bedclothes, knives & forks, wife’s accordion. he begged for this his dead wifes memento & told them to take every thing else. they took it. Wm. Moore Methodist preacher in partnership with Prairie Fuller robbed of 6 horses. This [xxx] well off. Mr. Moore was a prisoner at Black Jack. had $400 in gold which was not discovered.

This settlement has 3 regular P. O. one at Ottawa Jones. One at St Barnard, one at Prairie City.
Regular mails. Two mails per week; one to & from Westport to the Sac agency & one to & from Leavenworth to Westport. Have a pretty good day school attended by about 25 children. Sabbath School attended by about 50 with 300 [xxx] from U. S. School Dayton Ohio. Regular preaching once a week by the Moravians or United brethren & Methodists week about. Preaching in the school house at present. Building a stone church 28 x 38 now about 2 ft above the ground. Building by Subscription. One 6 horse power saw & grist mill steam about a mile NW of Prairie City. also a 36 horse power saw mill at Palmyra. These mills charge $1.50 per hundred for sawing. Sell the cut lumber $30 pr [thousand?]

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for oak & $35.00 for walnut. Charge 15 ct per bushel for grinding corn etc. They have no bolting machinery. Grind one day in the week & saw the rest. The settlement is not half suppliedwith power. Consequence log houses are still put up.

John Graham (Builder of [xxx]) Mr Graham has built bridge & houses at the East. On the 40th [xxx] on the Indiana & Steubenville R. R. Came at 15 in Nov last from Iowa with his family. Never disturbed, went at over to this settlement. Has been a builder in Phil. N.Y. & Brooklyn. Has put up 2 stone buildings & one concrete 19 x 19 x 17 high & 16 x 24 foundation upper part [xxx]. Has now 5 buildings under contract at an average probably of $500.00 each. Wants masons & carpenters. Will hire 4 masons at 20 [xxx] pr day & 6 laborers at 12 [xxx] pr day. Board worth from 20 [xxx] to [xxx] per week. Can find work for 20 laborers. Not more than 2/3rds of the people supplied with guns. Have about 25 Sharps. Ball and shot for Mississippi rifles, probably not more than 25 revolvers in the district. No ammunition not enough to kill squirrels with. No percussion. But very few knives.

Distribution of Arny. Complaints. General complaint that they have no revolver & no Sharps rifles. (Moore) Had sent to the Committee 20 times. Rec’d none. Wm. Hutchison & Col Eldridge said the arms were sent to Old Capt. Brown’s Company. First reply to the com. was that they had no arms. Afterwards, in Oct. gave the reason above stated. Capt. Holmes who took the place of Old Capt. Brown when he left for the East, came up to Lawrence but the 1st Nov & obtained a lot of revolvers, suppose from appearances, a dozen. Also, Mr King & Mr May got each a revolver some time before. Also Mr Montgomery got a rifle & revolver about 1st Nov.

Distribution of clothing & provisions. (Moore) Complain of having a guardian appointed by the Central Committee. Capt Shoen (the guardian) is a good man. If we wanted one man, we should as leave have Capt Shoen as any.


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