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Untitled Document Mass. Emigrant Aid Co.

Purpose---To organize emigration to the West & bring it under a system

Benefits arising from this arrangement---1st. to the Emigrants
2nd. To the Country 3rd to the Company

1st to the Emigrants---

1st by diminishing the expenses of the journey & protecting from fraud & delay by providing food & shelter at the lowest price while they are constructing their habitation saves them & their families from exposure in the wilderness by the Co. being the real Pioneer.

2d is advise & assistance of the Co’s agents in securing a good location in the West.

3d by the immediate introduction of the mechanical arts of all kinds among them.

4th by the immediate advantage of the press the school & the church – so that the morals & intelligence of their children shall not be forfeited by a life of semibarbarianism as often happens to settlers in the West.

2d to the Country

1st by extending the area of freedom by creating new free states a cordon of the sons of liberty to the Gulf of Mexico

2nd by reducing the pooer population of our Eastern Cities – necessarily vicious here probably will be virtuous there – vice often comes from poverty

3. by increasing the Commission of the East by making Free States in the South West- Statistics

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It is recommended by your Committee that the first Settlement made by this Company bear the name of that City in this Commonwealth which shall have subscribed most liberally to the capitol stock of the Company in proportion to its last decennial valuation & that the 2nd Settlement be named from that City next in order so subscribing

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3rd to the Co.

[1.] The pleasure of founding new & free states which bless every body & injure nobody & of binding them forever to Massachusetts by the strongest ties of gratitude & filial love securing to us in all coming time a Commercial Benefit – Daughters of Massachusetts

2d by the direct profit to the Co. from the sale of lands increased in value by the Settlement about them a thousand force

Plan of operation (recommended)

1st to organize the Co. for one year subject to the Confirmation of the stock holders at a meeting held for that purpose on the 2nd Monday in June next

2nd That the board of Directors advertise immediately for the lowest proposals for conveying 20,000 Emigrants from Boston to the place which the Directors may select for their first settlement

3rd That the Directors construct at such point a boarding House capable of accommodating 300 persons as expeditiously as shall consist with permanency & economy

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4th That the Directors procure & send forward a steam saw mill a grist mill & such other machinery as shall be of constant service in a new settlement & which individual Emigrants are unable to purchase

That these machines may be leased or run by the Co’s agents

5th that the directors establish as soon as they shall have suitable room for the same a weekly paper devoted to Liberty, Liberation & good morals – which shall be open to letters of the Co’s exploring agents for unfolding to the people the resources of the new country & aiding in various ways the interests of the new settlement

6th That whenever the Territory has become a free state the directors shall dispose of all the Co's interest therein [xxx] the money paid out & declare a dividend to the stockholders-

7th That they then select a new field & prepare for the union another free state in the same way


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